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If you are an oldie but goldie or are here for the original content of creative writing or book reviews, this page has all the short cuts you need!

Train Wrecked

Short Story “Train Wrecked – 1/3”

Short Story “Train Wrecked – 2/3”

Short Story “Train Wrecked – 3/3”


Month of the Gods

Short Story “A god’s story – Orion’s belt”

Short Story “A god’s story – Poseidon Jr.”

Short Story “A gods Story – God of Charm”

Short Story “A gods story – God of the Taxi”



Short Story “Truckey”

Extract “Coming Out Day”

Tanya Tales presents “Book Club”

Tanya Tales presents “Writing Motivation”

Short Story “Trump-land”

Original Poem “A New Year”

TanyaTales Presents “a Guest Post”

TanyaTales Presents “Fairy Tales – a guest post” 

Short Story “The Bridge of Eternal Love”

Short Story “The Bride of the Lake”

Short story “One Word”

Short Story “Blame”

Short Story “Goodnight sweet Captor”

Short Story “Broken Bottles”

Short Stories “Train Spotters” and “A Lost Needle”

Short Story “Death Ruins”

Short Story “Saving Bobby”

Short Story “The Bitch with the Corner Office”

Short Story “Avril Lavigne is DEAD”

Short Stories “red roses every where”

Short Story “Expiration Date”


Book Review

Review “My Favorite Author”

Review “Reader Interview”

Review “It’s Called A Breakup Because it’s Broken”

Review “Wuthering Heights”

Review”Mortal instruments”

Review “A streetcar named desire”

TanyaTale Presents “Book Review: Into The Water”

TanyaTale Presents “Book Review: A Simple Favour”


Short Story “Samson”

Short story “Samson – PART 1/3”

Short Story “Samson – PART 2/3”

Short Story “Samson – part 3/3”


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