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Short Story “The Bitch with the Corner Office”

We all know her. The woman who has everything we imagined we would have by this point. The woman who looks effortlessly gorgeous. But Sarah hates her. Warning of strong language used throughout and may therefore be considered inappropriate for readers of a young age.

Original Poems

Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “under immense pressure”

Hey hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to TanyaTale the home to all thoughts creative. To those of you who are new here, welcome. Be sure to click the like and subscribe button to become a part of a little community. To those of you who are returning to the blog… Continue reading Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “under immense pressure”

Tanya Tales Presents

TanyaTale Presents “2017 Q&A”

A Q&A giving away top secret information on the happenings of TanyaTale in 2017 and much, much more!

Short Story

Short Story “Death Ruins”

A new and very different piece which has been created and developed in a creative writing workshop. Open to suggestions!

Tale Time

TaleTime “The Cold War”

Everybody makes mistakes everybody has those days... arguments are a part of growing up, to check out my biggest milestone argument to date check out this post.

Tanya Tales Presents

TanyaTale Presents “A letter to THE author”

It is odd how one individual, one stranger, can have such a huge impact on your life without even knowing it. So here is a letter to say thank you Jane Green!

Tale Time

TaleTime “Italian Dine and Ditch”

Who would have thought that such a quaint and beautiful Italian bistro could be the home to so much antagonising?


Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “letting go”

Another hard hitting and beautifully written poem by the wonderful Devereaux Frazier. This post is not suitable for viewers under 12 years old as it contains sexual themes throughout.

Original Story

Short Stories “Train Spotters” and “A Lost Needle”

A few VERY short stories from 2012 with a few strange outlooks on the world. Take a trip inside the mind of a 13 year old!

Tale Time

TaleTime “The Great Hike – The Fish and the Eel”

I was stranded in a town that didn't exist with no way out and no hope of reaching my bed for the night while it was still light.