TaleTime “Italian Dine and Ditch”

Who would have thought that such a quaint and beautiful Italian bistro could be the home to so much antagonising?

TaleTime “The Great Hike – The Fish and the Eel”

I was stranded in a town that didn't exist with no way out and no hope of reaching my bed for the night while it was still light.

TaleTime “The Ambulance and The Sausage Roll”

When a sausage roll and an ambulance come into contact disaster is afoot. Check out the latest TaleTime and share my embarrassment.

TaleTime “Naked, Policeman, Party”

So it was 12:04pm and I was stood on a platform with my drunken friend with no ticket surrounded by police officers and no money and no way to get home. Great. So I called mum

TaleTime “Shut Up Tanya!”

Sometimes people need to learn to stop talking and to think first and speak later. I am definitely one of those people. Why? Because I have a lack of filter.

TaleTime “Left Outside Alone”

Sharing my childhood embarrassment with hopes of you being able to find some enjoyment from my misadventure! Happy reading

An introduction to Tale time

It's 2017 and Tanya Tales is changing! Read this post to find out how and why! Happy New Year Everyone!

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