Short Story “Death Ruins”

A new and very different piece which has been created and developed in a creative writing workshop. Open to suggestions!

Novelette “The Portrait – Part 3”

It is a race against time as Lucinda and Luke see a familiar face who warns them that they must act quickly. Strong themes contained throughout

Novelette “The Portrait – part 2”

Lucinda seeks help from some untrustworthy sources as her mothers journals reveal more un-nerving truthes

Novelette “The Portrait – Part 1”

When Lucinda's crazy mother dies and Lucinda is left to sell the house she discovers that their might be more truth to the ghost stories than she had first assumed!

Short Story “Samson – part 3/3”

Janet only stopped by to return some post to her elderly neighbour, little did she expect to fall in love with a man she would never get the chance to meet. This post contains some strong themes.

Short Story “Samson – PART 2/3”

Join Pamela as she continues her journey down memory lane and fall in love with Samson as you watch him grow into old age. Some content may be distressing to some readers.

Short story “Samson – PART 1/3”

When Samson sleeps in late his wife of fifty years, Pamela, is left to reminisce over their marriage. Some content may be distressing to some readers.

Short Story “Trump-land”

As the presidential elections reach their climax, I have added a few of Trumps more extreme polices into this short story.

Short Story “Truckey”

What started out as a harmless prank soon develops into the scariest Halloween of Leah's life. Will her and her friends survive the night or will they not notice the danger they are in until it is too late. A dark Halloween Special brought to you by Tanya Tales!

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