Review “A streetcar named desire”

If you are looking for a short yet meaningful play to spend your afternoon reading this is the one for you! Have a read to see how I feel about it all.

Review”Mortal instruments”

After month's of friends pestering me I finally caved and read Cassandra Claire's "City of Bones" in the "Mortal Instrument" Series and i am glad i did

Review “Wuthering Heights”

Book review of Wuthering Heights! Part of Bookvember

Review “It’s Called A Breakup Because it’s Broken”

"It's called a breakup because it's Broken" - the simplest epiphany you'll ever have. Check out this review if you are looking to find out how to beat the break up blues

Review “Reader Interview”

This interview deals with the tough questions of kindles vs paperback and childhood reading.

Review “My Favorite Author”

Blog Post about the AMAZING Jane Green! Her books were my gateway into reading, check out the post to see how!

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