Short Story “A gods Story – God of Charm”

The third instalment of Gods stories from March Madnesssss!

Short Story “A god’s story – Poseidon Jr.”

It's the second instalment of MARCH MADNESS MONTH OF THE GODS. This week we are delving into the story of Poseidon Jr. So sit back and relax and enjoy.

Short Story “A god’s story – Orion’s belt”

Welcome to MARCH MADNESS MONTH OF THE GODS! This is a new segment on the blog so sit back and relax as you enjoy the story of Orion's Belt!

Short Story “Empty Chairs”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to TanyaTale. This is a blog where i can share all of my creative thoughts and opinions on different works of literature. If you are new to the blog then welcome. I share posts every Friday at 7PM. Please be sure to click the... Continue Reading →

Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “cross my heart”

Cross my heart You’ll never live To see me die Fooled me once Now tricked me twice I can’t do much less Than trust my eyes In the face Of the things I do We can see How close time is To finishing you And don’t mind me I’m not far behind Taste the rain,... Continue Reading →

Short Story “The Bitch with the Corner Office”

We all know her. The woman who has everything we imagined we would have by this point. The woman who looks effortlessly gorgeous. But Sarah hates her. Warning of strong language used throughout and may therefore be considered inappropriate for readers of a young age.

Short Story “Saving Bobby”

Greif impacts people in many ways and while Quinn may think she is doing the right thing, is she really doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?

TaleTime “The Great Hike: My Cabin in the Woods”

The cabin door was open, yet it was so dark I could barely see the trees lining our perimeter. All of a sudden I heard a noise, it was moving closer to us, it was footsteps.

Short Stories “Train Spotters” and “A Lost Needle”

A few VERY short stories from 2012 with a few strange outlooks on the world. Take a trip inside the mind of a 13 year old!

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