Carpe Diem – The Long Game (Chp 6)

Hey Hi, welcome to TanyaTale's serial story! This is the sixth chapter in the story so if you haven't read chapters 1-5 you can find them here! If you are up to date, then sit back and enjoy Carpe Diem - chapter 6: The Long Game. It had been four weeks since the break in and... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem – Breaking in (Chp 5)

Saph is pulled into the middle of a rather dangerous situation and she isn't too thrilled. Unwilling to help + unable to come to terms with her guardian angel-ship, Saph has to decide if she can change her selfish habits to remain on earth.

Carpe Diem – A lot of explaining (chp 4)

Welcome to Chapter 4 of TanyaTale's serial story. For parts one, two or three follow these links. “Who. Is. He?” Damon asked. As Alice and Damon sat down they both found themselves staring in awe. Neither of them knowing what to say. How was Alice supposed to explain this? Half an hour ago a sweaty... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem – Coffee and Cake (Chp3)

Welcome to the third chapter of this blogs serial story! If you haven't read chapter 1 or chapter 2 then check them out. Since Saph’s wake nearly a week ago Alice had seen no sign of her and as the days passed, she began to wonder if she had hallucinated the whole thing. Alice had... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem – I’m Screwed (Chp2)

Hey Hi my lovelies! As the title says, this is chapter 2 of a serial story. So be sure to check out chapter 1 before reading on! Enjoy. After spending forty-five minutes at the wake, Alice had had enough. She knew it was selfish, but she hated hearing everyone tell her how close they and... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem – Our final Hello (Chp1)

Hey Hi, my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and Welcome to TanyaTale. Allow me to introduce you to a new segment of my blog Carpe Diem a serialised story! If you are interested in the background story behind this idea you can check out my last post here. If not, settle back and enjoy Carpe Diem -... Continue Reading →

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