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hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and I am the creator behind TanyaTale. It has been five years since I began writing posts for this blog and so I figured it was about time I told you all a little more about myself.

I am an English Literature and Creative writing Student from the UK. I am currently in my second year of university and am loving it. Obviously, there were aspects of student life I found harder than others … deadlines being one of those things. So, I started writing posts containing some tips and tricks I discovered which might help some of you. Full disclaimer that I am not an expert and my methods can sometimes be far from uniform, but I thought I’d share them none the less.

As well as being a full-time student I am also a part time actor/ tour guide … in mines. Yup, when I’m not in class or clubs I’m in a mine. My job involves taking groups on tours telling them about the history, myths and legends of the mine … I even get to go on a search for a baby dragon. Yup – major nerd alert. I’ve been involved in theatre and acting since I was about 4 and so having a job which allows me to act is amazing. But tour acting does come with its own unique set of challenges – challenges you’ll find me exploring on this blog from time to time.

So, as you may have noticed from everything I’ve told you so far, I’m currently learning to adult. Yes, it can be a difficult and messy process but it’s one I, for some reason, decided to share online. What does that mean? Well, more often that not, you’ll find embarrassing stories here on this blog that I couldn’t not share with you. From awkward clubbing experiences to the most innocent of situations gone wrong.

That’s me … a student by day, an actor by weekend and a mess pretty much the rest of the time. But if that sounds like you’re type of person then be sure to click subscribe and stick around to see where this goes…

Until next time! Tanya xxx



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