TaleTime “FIRED after 10 minutes!”

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So today I am going to be sharing with you another TaleTime! Sometimes I feel like I am writing so many of these that I am going to run out but honestly, as long as I’m still living weird stuff is going to keep happening to me and so I doubt I will be running out of these stories anytime soon. This is yet another story of me getting fired. Honestly, after the second time you get fired you begin to take it personally but two’s a coincidence because three is the pattern … right?
Anyway, this is another story from my time at university! Now, as with most of my TaleTime posts which stem from incidents at university I am actually writing this not long after it happened. This is the second time I tried to write this post because the first time I tried I literally got so angry I had to stop and decided to try again another time. So, let’s give this a shot at round 2 … settle back and enjoy.
Okay, so as usual I am going to give you the background information to the situation. Firstly, I was a student and I was breaking and so I was desperate for a job because I really needed to pay my rent. This meant I really didn’t care what job I was doing or where the job was because it paid and that was literally all that mattered to me. Secondly, because of my desperation for money I ignored A LOT of warning signs that hinted at the woman being a CRAZY PERSON – so I’ll be sure to point those out to you along the way.
I think the only other thing I need to tell you is what the job was. So, it was at an independent fast food/ café type place. It sold sandwiches and ice cream and paninis and rolls and salads etc. You get the picture. Because it was an independent business the role I had there literally involved doing everything. I had to be a cleaner and a chef and on tills and taking stock, often all at the same time. So, it is really important to remember that despite EVERYONE considering this business a café the owner considered it to be a fast food restaurant.
So, I am going to start this story from when I handed in my CV because that was probably the first warning sign I ignored. So, it was about 3:50pm on a Sunday and I had been handed out CV’s all day. I was tiered, and this was my last stop of the day. So, I walked inside and as I went in I saw a woman pull off in her car. Anyway, I told them I just wanted to hand in a CV and the woman behind the till started asking me a few questions. This wasn’t an issue – I wasn’t in a rush. But all of a sudden, this car pulls back up and a woman jumps out of it and runs inside where she immediately starts grilling me.
She fired at least 20 questions at me one after another and although I didn’t mind answering them it was just a little weird that she didn’t even introduce herself. After she finished grilling me she takes my CV and tells me she will call me in for an interview because the shop needs to shut in ten minutes and my timing was very inconvenient.
There were 2 red flags right there because two of my biggest problems with this woman were that she was a control freak and she was so rude and derogatory. Anyway, I waited a few days and then on the Friday she texts me and asks me to come in for an interview on the Saturday morning. Now it was a little last minute, but it wasn’t an issue because I wasn’t busy – it just meant I didn’t drink heavily on the Friday.
I go to the interview on Saturday and honestly nothing majorly weird even happened here. She spoke about herself A LOT, but the interview was about her business, so I figured that made sense and then she literally just gave me the job and told me to come in on Wednesday for 2 hours of training. GRAND. Now I probably should have been a little concerned that she didn’t ask me any questions, she didn’t ask for bank details or proof of ID or right to work – she didn’t ask me for any of that. But I was employed so I guess I didn’t care.
Wednesday came around and I went in for my training shift. Now the first thing she said to me when I walked in was “you look nervous – it’s not a good look.” … excuse me? So, then she starts walking me round and explaining to me how to do things. She tells me how to cook the bread, how to cut the bread, how to make paninis and baguettes and Americanos and cappuccinos and lattes and tea’s and mocha’s. She then told me how to stock shelves and re-fill the sandwich fillings and how to do the ice creams. Towards the end of the training shift (which was unpaid by the way) she told me to get a pen and paper and to write down everything she had taught me.
Now, I thought it was just common knowledge that everyone remembers things in different ways and so you have to let them take notes however they want but no. This woman tells me when to move down a line and what to underline and what to bullet point and when to start a new page. She was super controlling.
She then decided to let me cut bread for the servers until the end of my training shift. As I did it she told me my hand needed to move an inch down the bread and told me the first baguette I cut was “crap”. I apologised, and she literally told me to “shut up”. Anyway, I explain to her that I am left handed and so I need to hold the bread in the other hand because that way the cut will be better and this bitch sighs at me. She literally exhaled so loudly before telling me that she supposes she could let me be left handed. “let me.” How nice?
Anyway, as the shift ends she tells me that my first official shift will be tomorrow and that I need to take photos of all the prices on the menu and start to learn them. That was fine and made sense because it would make me quicker on the tills, so I agreed and took photos before leaving. It is so important for me to say that she had said to me that because I was nervous, and it was training she wasn’t going to let me serve anyone. So, I had 0 experience in serving customers or making the baguettes for a customer. All I had was what I had watched her do.
So, the next day I go in and within minutes she is yelling at me to serve customers. I agree and start taking a woman’s order. Now this specific place had different names for different foods so one of the baguettes was called a Cleopatra baguette and I – obviously – had no idea what was in that. So, I ask the customer what she wants and when she tells me she wants the Cleopatra chicken I worry for a minute because I don’t know what that is. Eventually I figure it out and am adding the lettuce when the CRAZY BOSS LADY tells me that I am holding the spoon wrong. Sorry? Apparently, I’ve been holding a spoon wrong my whole life and I didn’t realise. She snatches the baguette from my hands tells me “You’re just not improving” and makes it instead of me.
Sorry how am I meant to improve from nothing? Because this was my first baguette I’d ever made so what was I meant to have improved from? SO, I go to the till and start totting up how much money it will cost and – unsurprisingly – I have to look at the price list because this woman has millions of sandwiches. this takes me a minute and she freak out because this is fast food and I’m not fast enough. So, she shoves me off the till and does it for me.
In front of the customers she then proceeds to tell me that she thinks “I’d be better off working at Tesco or somewhere I could sit down” because I’m “not cut out for this job. This was legitimately ten minutes into my first shift. ten minutes. So, I begin to panic, and she takes this as a chance to tell me she is refusing to pay me for this shift. Now clearly this left a sour taste in my mouth and considering the fact she literally told me she didn’t think she would keep me on I was devastated because there was so much pressure on me getting a job, so I could pay my summer rent and, you know, eat.
And it gets worse. In her little speech about how I wasn’t improving – yes this is still only ten minutes into my shift – she tells me she “really hoped it would work because” and I shit you not she said she hoped it would work because I was “tall” and because they got ” a lot of *whispered* European people handing in their CV” and she had hoped an “English girl” would work out. Seriously. She said that.
Following that she told me to go home and she’d call me if she needed me again. Little to anyone’s surprise that bitch never called and honestly, I’m glad because I started looking for a new job straight away and if she had called I would have taken pleasure in telling her what I thought of her and her shitty job.
So, there you have it. Maybe bosses just don’t like me or maybe I only attract psycho jobs. Either way I hope the story provided you with some entertainment! if it did be sure to click the like button and follow this blog. I post every Friday at 7pm! and if you have ever been fired from a job let me know in the comments below and make me feel a little more human. Until next time Bye!


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