Carpe Diem – Breaking in (Chp 5)

Hey! Welcome to this blogs serial story. You are about to read chapter 5. For a little bit of context … or to make this post make any sense whatsoever … I recommend checking out chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4. Happy reading …

Alice opened her eyes as the sound of something crashing outside her bedroom snapped her awake. Instinctively, she reached beside her bed and withdrew a golf club which had been strategically placed. Her mother had always warned her about living alone.

‘it’s not safe for a young woman.’ She always said, ‘you ought to find yourself a nice young man.’

The day Alice told her mother that she was moving into a flat alone the fear was apparent in her eyes. A fear which did not subside upon the further revelation that Alice was moving away from the security of Surrey and into the big bad world of London.

‘you’ll get robbed.’ Were the first words to come from her mother’s mouth, ‘or murdered’ were the second. At the time Alice had laughed it off. She’d thought her mother to be naïve and unnecessarily worried, until now.

In the dark, Alice climbed out of bed and crept across the room. She walked up to the closed bedroom door and pressed an ear against it. For a moment she heard no noise, she thought herself paranoid. Maybe she’d left a window open and the wind had pushed something off a shelf. Maybe the coat rack had toppled over under the weight on top of it. But then she heard scuffling from under the door and the hushed voices of at least two men in the adjoining living room. Adrenaline was pounding in her ears as Alice’s mother’s words rung tauntingly around her head.

They say that when you are in danger you either chose fight or flight – Alice chose flight. She decided that her walk-in wardrobe would be the safest place to hide. Alice pulled her ear away from the door and slowly turned around, fearing that any sudden movement would cause a noise and alert the intruder to her presence.

‘what the hell?’ A voice sounded from behind. Alice spun around to see Saph, or Marcus, stood in the middle of her room. A bubble of anger rose in Alice’s chest as she realised, she was still annoyed that Saph had the audacity to highjack her morning with Damon.

Instantly Alice rose a finger to her lips and hushed her quiet. Though Alice was annoyed, she still knew how to prioritise; and not getting killed by intruders was higher on the list of priorities than being pissed off at Saph. Alice hurried over to where Saph was stood and coaxed her into the closet. Disorientated Saph obliged, following Alice in and shutting the door behind her.

Though the closet was ‘walk in’ it was not big enough for two people. Alice felt around the walls looking for the light switch and after patting down a few jumpers she flipped the switch. The light was an ugly yellow which her tiered eyes were not prepared for. She shut her eyes tight for a moment, rubbing them with her fists.

‘Are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?’ Saph asked.

‘How did you get here?’ Alice responded.

‘It’s a thing. I just kind of appear. What’s happening and why are we in your closet, Al?’ she persisted.

‘I think someone’s broken in.’

Saph’s eyes grew worried. If ever Alice needed a guardian angel, it was now. But what was Saph supposed to do? What if she went out there and one of them attacked her? Would she die? Can she die? Technically she’s already dead. But if we are going down that route then technically, she shouldn’t be walking around in the body of a Greek god. Alice’s heart felt as if it were about to burst through her chest. She was almost sure that it was beating so loud that the intruders would be able to hear it. Alice’s eyes returned to Saph who looked as if she had a plan. However, whether Alice should be relieved or concerned was another matter.

In an instant Saph had taken the golf club out of Alice’s hands and swung open the closet door. As the door hit the wall it made an almighty bang, but Saph didn’t seem to care about the noise it made. Switching on the bedroom light Saph open the bedroom door before yelling into the living room, which was occupied by burglars. Alice couldn’t hear what was said as blood was rushing to her ears. She heard something smash and a door slam. For a moment Alice didn’t dare move. She was frozen still. After, what felt like ten minutes, Saph returned and threw the golf club onto the bed.

‘Alice.’ She said, ‘what the actual hell!’

Saph’s relaxed demeanour told Alice the intruders had gone. Saph had always been the brave one. She had no fear in talking to anyone or going anywhere. When Alice was younger she had always thought that Saph was the bravest person she knew, but after watching her run into a room where she knew there was danger, the differentiation between brave and stupid had become increasingly blurred. It also wasn’t until now that Alice noticed what Saph looked like. In the heat of the moment she had forgotten that Saph was a man. For once Alice wondered if her mother had been right. Perhaps she did need a man for protection.

‘Hello, earth to Alice. What is wrong with you.’

In that moment Alice’s anger, which had taken a backseat, seemed to regain control. Alice was annoyed that she had been the one to save her. Because now Alice was expected to be grateful, she was expected to just forgive her, even though she was furious.

‘What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you… you just charged in there like a maniac.’

‘Well someone had to do something and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be you. Even my afterlife is spent looking out for you.’

Her snide comment stung like salt in a wound. ‘I didn’t ask you to come here.’ Alice reminded her.

‘Maybe not in so many words but poor little Alice is in danger and suddenly there’s a ringing in my head telling me you need me.’

Need her. Need. How dare she. Sure, Alice would have been scared but she could have handled it alone. She would have called the police and remained hidden and if they’d have found her, Alice would have had her golf club. She would have been fine. Alice would probably have been safer without Saph running around with a golf club like a maniac. Saph may not have to fear death anymore, but Alice certainly did. Alice looked at the man stood in front of her, wearing nothing but a pair of briefs … yet she’d run into Alice’s living room as if she were wearing a bullet proof vest. Alice was about to scream at Saph to get out, to leave her alone but before she had the chance Saph had disappeared.



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