TaleTime “Embarrassing CRUSH stories!”

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We are heading back into the world of Tale Time’s and today I have to admit I am super nervous to share these stories with you and that is because it is about crushes I have had. Now, these people and I have never spoken about the fact that I had a crush on them, but I am pretty sure they figured it out because discretion has never been my strong point. So yeah, I’m going to conceal their identities because this is literally embarrassing for me … let’s get on with it …
Okay so there are two stories I am going to share with you. The first one from when I was 13 and fancied a guy (let’s call him Shane); and the second one from when I was 14 and had a crush on a guy (nicknamed Joey).

Lets begin with Shane. Shane and I had, pretty much, the same timetable which meant we were in all the same classes. To the thirteen year old me this was fate … this is painful already. Anyway, one lesson the two of us were sat together at the back of the classroom. Honestly, I don’t really know why we were sat together. We weren’t really friends and the only time we had ever spent together was while he was dating my friends (plural).
So, we were sat together and my weird, illogical, pre-adolescent brain decided that the best way to hide my having a crush on him, was to not look at him.
This tactic worked for all of five minutes. When, out of no-where he started singing. He was singing Just the way you are by Bruno Mars and out the corner of my eye I could see him facing me. My little heart skipped a beat. I spun around with a huge dopey smile on my face and as I did, he too spun around to face a wall. A wall with a poster on. A poster he was singing too.
He broke out in laughter and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever felt so embarrassed.

My second tale of embarrassment came because he had found out that I liked him.
Joey and I had Design and Technology together and he was the first guy I felt comfortable talking too at school. I was an awkward kid … He was funny and I thought he was cute (though looking back I really do question my judgement!)
Anyway, Joey’s best friend and my best friend were dating.
At the time all my ‘friends’ knew I fancied someone but I was too scared of being rejected to tell anyone who. So my, not so normal, brain devised a plan. I told everyone his name started with a K when in actual fact it started with a J. But here’s where it got confusing. Remember my best friends boyfriend (who was also Joey’s best friend), his name happened to start with a K … are you still with me?
My best friend then confronted me, telling me there was a rumour going round that I fancied her boyfriend and in a panic I told her everything … including who I fancied.
Now this was a secondary/ middle school meaning secrets didn’t stay secrets for long and friends were faker than the tan. So, my best friend told everyone … including Joey.
Later that day I had Design and Technology class and Joey walked straight up to me and asked me if I had a crush on him. Remember that fear of rejection thing? this is where it really kicked in. Rather than admitting that I did, I developed a serious case of verbal diarrhoea. At a crazy fast pace I blurted out something like, “no I don’t have a crush on you I have a crush on someone else. Why would you think I had a crush on you? that would just be crazy. No I have a crush on someone whose name starts with a K but then my best friend found out and thought it was her boyfriend so I told her it was you to throw her off the scent. Why would you actually think that it was true. That’s weird. Really weird and I think I need to move tables so umm bye.”
Which was followed by me running away, moving all my stuff to a different table, and never speaking to Joey again (which is impressive when you consider I went to school with him for 5 more years after that.)
So, I hope you enjoyed this TaleTime of me sharing all of my embarrassing moments with my crushes! If you want to see more like this then please be sure to like and subscribe I post here every Friday at 7pm and so until next Friday – see you later!

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