Carpe Diem – A lot of explaining (chp 4)

Welcome to Chapter 4 of TanyaTale’s serial story. For parts one, two or three follow these links.

“Who. Is. He?” Damon asked.

As Alice and Damon sat down they both found themselves staring in awe. Neither of them knowing what to say. How was Alice supposed to explain this? Half an hour ago a sweaty oath entered the bathroom and exiting now was the most chiselled Greek god either of them had ever seen. As he opened the door his muscles flexed, his rippling bicep was clearly visible through his tight white shirt. He wiped his dark eye brow with the back of his hand as he searched the room.

“Where did Sam go?” Damon said, his whispered voice pulling Alice back into the coffee shop. Damon looked at her, waiting for Alice to answer his unanswerable question as she simply sat speechless. As this Greek god approached Damon and Alice, it became apparent that everything down to his walk seemed to exude confidence. He whipped his hair out of his eyes and flashed a blindingly white smile. Alice smiled back, raising to her feet and extending her arms.

“Alice?” He said.

“Hey!” She exclaimed. There was something about him that left Alice with absolutely no doubt that this gorgeous man was Saph. She was just in a new, very attractive body. “How are we going to explain this?” Alice whispered as the pair embraced, “This is Damon.” Alice seemed as if she was proud of heself as in that moment she had thought on her feet and followed through with her own plan. For once Alice didn’t have to rely of Saph for back up.

“Hi, I’m Marco.” Saph introduced. Offering up a hand to Damon. Damon took the hand in his own before absently placing a kiss on the back if it. “Oh my.” Saph said, blushing a little before remembering that she was a man. Saph coughed away the moment in the same way Damon had tried to do only a half an hour ago but managed to play it off much better.

“Join us.” Alice spluttered, imposing her ‘new’ friend on their coffee morning. Saph smiled taking a seat next to Damon and flashing him another dazzling smile. Alice sat too, facing the pair. She didn’t know what to say. What if Damon was still wondering where Sam had gone or how Marco had managed to take his place. Was Alice supposed to leave at the same time as Marco or was she meant to wait for the Sam who clearly no longer existed? What was Marco’s excuse to be here? There were so many questions in Alice’s head that there was no room for any answers. She had introduced Marco so now she thought she would be fine to leave the rest of the questions up to Saph. Besides, she was Alice’s guardian angel. Wasn’t she meant to help her out of these situations?

“Thank you handsome.” Saph said as the young waiter took the empty cups from the table. “Could you grab us another three coffees, thanks darling.” Alice wondered if Saph realised how flirty she was. Before death Alice had been convinced that Saph knew, despite her insistence that it was accidental. But since her death she hadn’t been so sure. Even as a man she was flirting with everyone – despite needing to keep herself on the down low.

One uncomfortable coffee later Alice gathered up her coat ready to leave. She had no intention to hang about ready for Saph to get another coffee or to spark up another conversation. She wanted out and she wanted out now. So, Alice made her excuses but neither Saph nor Damon seemed to move. A sudden flash back to school struck her as she remembered all the times Alice would get up after lunch and the two of them would stay sitting. It always made her feel as if she were third wheeling and so now, even though Saph was technically third wheeling, she still felt like the outsider.

“Aren’t you going to wait for Sam?” Damon asked. Her mouth dropped open. Despite being silent and uncomfortable as Damon and Saph spoke Alice had somehow forgotten about Sam. She stuttered for a moment before Saph stepped in to save her. She explained that she had seen him leaving through the fire exit not looking too well. She said that Sam told Marco to tell Alice that he had to run. As unbelievable as it was, Saph somehow managed to pull off the story. She had always been a good liar. She was so sincere and so convincing that even Alice began to believe her.

“Well then, I’m going to head off…”

“Okay bye.” Saph said. Alice’s mouth dropped open as she realised that throughout the last coffee both Saph/ Marco and Damon were all waiting for her to leave. Embarrassed and angry she hurried herself out of the coffee shop. She felt like a child, like that little girl who had been third wheeling her prettier and cooler friend. But the more she thought of it, she realised that what Alice was feeling was not shame, it was anger. She was angry at Saph because even after death she had managed to make my life revolve around her.

Despite it having reached midnight, and the day being over, she was still obsessing over how Saph took over this coffee morning. She was convinced it was intentional. She knew she had done it to irritate her and Alice knew that by reacting so negatively she was giving her what she wanted but that didn’t stop her obsessing. That didn’t stop Alice wondering if there was anyway of unaccepting Saph’s guardian angel-ship.



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