TaleTime “I was robbed in Paris”

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Today we are heading back into the world of Tale Times where I share my some what interesting stories with you. I had completely forgotten about this story time until recently when I was reading an article about Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris at gun point. Although my story doesn’t include a gun, it was pretty scary so I figured why not share it with the whole world on line…

So without further ado lets head into the post – if you enjoy it then please be sure to click the like button to let me know to make more Tale Time posts in the future.

So here are the facts. I was in year 8 (British school system) so I was about 13 years old. I was on a school trip to Paris. It was my first trip away from home and I was very excited/ nervous. I had been put into a room with three other girls, none of which I particularly knew but I was having a great time.

That day we had been to all the iconic landmarks in Paris. We had been to the Eiffel Tower, on a river boat ride along the River Sane and to the Arc de triumph. It had been super sunny and being a ginger this meant one thing … I was mega sunburnt.

As I said, I wasn’t in a room with my friends but rather I was in a room with some girls I vaguely knew and so in the hours free time we had between getting back to the hotel and going for dinner I decided to head to my friends room. Because I was sunburnt I decided to take a damp cool face cloth with me so that I could try and sooth the burning sensation across my back.

An hour later and we get the call for dinner. So I head back to my room to put my face cloth back but the door was locked.

So let me explain something. Being 13 years old the teachers on this trip did not trust me to be looking after my own room key. So, whenever we went for dinner or left the rooms we would hand our keys to the teachers. There were also 4 girls to a room and only one key and the last girl out of the room was responsible for handing the key to the teacher.

When I returned to a locked door, I rightly assumed that the key had already been handed to the teacher, so I asked my teacher for the key so I could put back my face cloth and she said “no – wait until after dinner.” So I did all I could think to do and wrapped the wet face cloth around my ankle in my boot … because that clearly made sense.

After dinner I headed back up to the room and my teacher gave me the key. I walked up to my door and to my surprise the door was unlocked. We all assumed someone had forgotten to lock it as it was shut too, but on latch. I walked into the room and into the bathroom where the door shut behind me. I was putting my face cloth down when I heard someone come into the bedroom.

Assuming it was a girl I was sharing the room with I called out to warn them that I was in the bathroom as I didn’t want to make them jump. But when I left the bathroom and entered the bedroom it was empty.

I went to check my phone to see if my mum had left me any messages but it was missing. Now, something that needs to be made super clear is that I am one of the most forgetful people in the world and so EVERYONE assumed I’d misplaced it. I walked back to my friends room to see if I had left it there but I hadn’t. So then I asked the girls sharing a room with me if they’d seen my phone and that’s when we realised … it had been stolen.

When I alerted the girls that my phone was missing they told me that, an iPod, a camera a blackberry and blackberry charger and 300 euros had gone missing also. We alerted out teacher, who was also an ex-detective, and she got to work.

Firstly she searched our rooms hoping to find them but it wasn’t there. She then asked if we’d noticed anything strange.

Now, at 13 I was awkward, shy, and the least confident person ever. So I never made a definitive statement. Everything I said started with “Maybe, Sorry or I think.” So I said that I thought the door had been locked when we went for dinner but it was unlocked when we returned, I said maybe I heard someone come in when I was in the bathroom and run out when I called out …

Looking back I am 100% sure that I halted the burglar mid theft and scared them off … go 13 year old me … but at the time my teacher did not believe me.

That night none of us could sleep as we were all terrified that the burglar would come back. One girl came and joined us in our room that night as protection … because everyone knows 4 13 year old girls would win in a fight against a potentially armed burglar.


Meanwhile back home in Essex … a teacher called my mum to inform her of the burglary. Might I remind you that this was my first trip away from home and so my mum was a little on edge. So when she received a phone call at 12am which starts with the words “Tanya’s fine but …” she began to worry. Luckily the teacher got to the point pretty quickly but not quick enough to ease my mums panicked heart rate.


2 years later the case came to a close when we were informed that the thief had been caught. It was the maid … just in case you didn’t already feel like this was some weird game of cluedo. She had used her key to get into the room and taken a handful of stuff. She had then left the door on latch for easier access the second time but when she came back I had been in the bathroom leading to her grabbing whatever she could and running. We were promised some insurance through the school – but typical of my school I never received that money.

So there you have it, my Kardashian esque escapade in Paris. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did be sure to click the like button. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you next Friday.


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