TaleTime “I’m a Burglar?!”

Hey hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to my blog TanyaTale! I post here every Friday at 7pm without fail about anything and everything creative! So if story telling and short stories are your thing then this is the blog for you. So please be sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons to get notifications every time I post. If you are returning to this blog – let me give you the biggest welcome back!

Anyway! Today we are heading back into the wonderful world of TaleTime where I share my embarrassing stories with you because anyone who has been following this blog for a while will be aware that I am a mess of a person who seems to attract the weirdest and most entertaining situations.

I had actually completely forgotten that this story had ever happened. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago some of my flatmates were all talking about crimes that they have experienced when this little gem of a story popped into my mind. As soon as I remembered it i knew i had to share it with you because if anyone was going to appreciate me muddling myself into this mess it will be you guys. So settle back with a cup of tea and take pride in the fact that your lives are so much more normal than mine.

So as usual lets get the context out of the way. Firstly, my garage is connected to my house but you have to go outside to get into it. So there isn’t a door inside my house connecting to the garage. Secondly, the neighbour in question used to have a job that was something to do with the police. I don’t really know what but yeah, that’s the context.

It was mid week in the summer and so I was off school and so was my brother while my mum was at work. My brother and I wanted an ice-pop, which we used to keep in our over flow freezer which was in our garage. So we went outside, unlocked and opened the door and got our ice-pops. No problem. It was when my brother was shutting the door that we heard this loud bang, as if we had snapped something or as if something had fallen against the door.

Panicked, we tried to open it again. Actually – I tried to open it again. It wouldn’t budge. So, like any good brother, my little brother pulled the “you touched it last” card. So, i don’t remember exactly what happened because it was ages ago but someone suggests that we go and ask our neighbour for something to undo the door. He agrees and gives us this long wire stick with a thin hook on the end of it. But, i couldn’t work it so decided I’d wait for my mum to get home and let her do it.

Eventually my mum got back and unlocked the door with the hook from the inside. I’m still not quiet sure how it got jammed but that’s not really important to the story. So my mum asks me to go and give it back to the neighbour and thank them. It was dark and, i think it was raining, so i decided i would do it the next day.

The next day I walked over to my neighbours house and knocked on the door. There was no response and this tool wasn’t anything dangerous or valuable so i decided it would be fine if i left it outside of their front door. It wasn’t going to cause anyone any harm. This was the biggest mistake I could have made.

That evening there is a knock at the door and a police officer is on our doorstep. She tells us that there has been an attempted break in at our neighbours house and they were wondering if we had seen anything. I hear my mum tell the officer that she hadn’t seen anything but she would keep an eye out. Now, it might just be how i remember it, but the place we were living at the time was a very nosy and gossipy neighbourhood so it wasn’t odd when a minute after the officer leaving we had neighbours at our door discussing what had happened.

I heard them say that our neighbour had gone away on holiday the night before and his daughter was watching his house. They said that when she got to the house there was a burglary kit outside the door which was basically this long wire stick with a thin hook on the bottom which could have been used to undo a door from the inside.

My heart dropped as i realised that I was the person that supposedly had tried to break into the house. The neighbours daughter had been petrified to be in her own home because I was too lazy to walk over to her house in the rain before her family went on holiday. She had called the police who had been dusting for fingerprints because I was too lazy to walk back to her house when she was in and so i had decided to leave it outside with no explanation.

I felt awful. I remember telling my mum what had happened and I remember her telling me that I had to go and say something because the poor girl was petrified. My heart was in my stomach and my overactive imagination had convinced me that I was going to get arrested for ‘wasting police time’ like you always hear them say on TV.

Thankfully she was super understanding and didn’t hate the little annoying ginger kid from next door too much. She also called the police back and told them what had happened because that way I didn’t get in too much trouble.

But anyway, there you have it. The time i apparently tried to burgle my neighbours while they were on holiday. If you have enjoyed this story and want to hear more embarrassing moments like this then please be sure to click the like and subscribe buttons. Until next Friday, have a super week.


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