Students Guide to “All nighters”

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Today we are going to be heading back into somewhat uncharted territory. I will be sharing with you some of my top tips of handling the dreaded all nighter. All nighter’s are a unavoidable part of university life because trust me, even the most organised students will find themselves swamped. So this post is my attempt to make the unbearable sleepless night a little more bearable.

  1. Tip number 1 is to be prepared. I know this sounds odd as being UN-prepared is how you got into this mess in the first place but none the less a little bit of prep can change your all-nighter from an awful experience to an inconvenience.
    To do this I recommend taking a nap. When I know I’m swamped and faced with an all nighter I take an hour, before starting my work, in which I turn all the lights off and close my eyes. Some will argue that a nap will make you groggy and short term this may well be the case, but long term that nap is going to keep you going until the sun comes up.
    Once you’ve taken a nap head over to a shop. You want to stock up on foods which are going to keep you going. My top picks would be bounce energy balls, sugary fruits (e.g. cherries, pomegranates, mangos) and vitamin drinks (or tablets like berocca). I’ll admit I have fallen privy to buying high carb un-natural sugary foods but these make me feel so groggy and just aren’t worth it.
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  4. Tip 2 is to get out. I don’t mean to do your work outside but I highly recommend not doing it in your flat/house/accommodation. For me when I know my bed is in arms reach work becomes practically impossible because I can hear my bed calling out to me. Also when I’m in my flat I get SUPER distracted by EVERYTHING. If someone comes into the kitchen I will sit and chat to them for an hour or I’ll sit watching YouTube videos or I’ll make food… anything to procrastinate.
    I personally choose the library. It’s got WIFI, it’s quiet, it’s warm and more often than not it’s got A LOT of the resources you will need. I find the library to be the ideal study environment to me because I cant sit and chat and once I’ve gone to the effort of getting there – I am going to do the work.
    Another place you could go to is a communal lounge or 24hr WIFI café. If you are in a city these places might be easier to find than in a small town but sometimes these locations feel more relaxed. The lack of pressure may be better for you if you stress or work better in more relaxed locations. These locations often also have WIFI which is always a must for me.
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  7. My third tip for you is to keep moving. Just like Dory in finding Nemo you’re going to want to just keep swimming. When I hit my wall I find my mind refuses to concentrate and the one way I can over come this is to move every 40 minutes. This usually requires me jumping from desk to desk or to beanbag chairs or going on a walk. I like to call this scheduled distraction as it allows me to procrastinate in a productive way.
    Some things you might chose to do in this short break is: refill your water bottle; go to the toilet; find a book you might need; stretch your legs; move to a different desk; find a more comfortable sitting area; check in with friends.
    If you have chosen to remain in your accommodation you might chose to: move to a different room; shower; make a cup of coffee; tidy your room or go outside and get some fresh air.
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  10. My fourth and possibly most important tip is to make a plan. Having a plan is the only way to ensure that even when you want to give up you will definitely stay on track. I don’t know about you, but when I get bored I find unproductive things to do and disguise them as productive. For example I work out how many words a minute I type so I know how long the work is going to take me… this is just wasting time. If you have a plan this is less likely to happen.
    If you are doing an assignment or piece of coursework then break your coursework down into small achievable goals. E.g. find quotes; mind-map ideas; create a hypothesis; make a plan or write first paragraph.
    If you are doing other work try and alternate the more boring tasks with the more exciting ones. E.g. research quotes and then look up pictures for a presentation and then work out finances.
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  13. And finally don’t give up. Although at times you are going to struggle because you are tiered and stressed and don’t want to be there, you are going to just have to grit your teeth and bare it. If you want to you can try and use it as a learning experience. You can try and tell yourself that next time it’ll be different but at the end of the day you are going to wind up back doing another all nighter because sometimes life gets on top of us and that’s what happens.
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  16. I hope this helps you! If you have enjoyed this or this has helped you out do be sure to click the like button because it brightens up my day every time I see it. If you have any tips you want to add to this list then do be sure to leave them in the comment section and I will see you all next Friday at 7pm.

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