Short Stories “red roses every where”

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Today I am very excited to share another short story with you! This was written in one sitting so if there are a few issues here and there do be sure to let me know in the comments so I can sort them out! Anyway – do click the like button to let me know you’ve been here, also because I get butterflies every time the notification pops up to let me know! Anyway please sit back and enjoy…

Red roses were everywhere. Though we had known one another for only a short amount of time I knew he was my perfect man. I spied the champagne on ice and could feel the warm flicker of the hundreds of candles on my cheek. And as the orange glow flickered across his beautiful face I knew I loved him more than anything else in this world.
Allow me to rewind to the day I first met Alec, the day our lives together began. It was mid-summer and my first day in the home I’d dreamt of since childhood. I looked up at it in awe of its perfection. From the white picket fence guarding the apple trees and meticulously groomed lawn to the rustic porch swing swaying gently in the warm breeze. My heart was aflutter as I pinched myself to ensure it was all real. Everything in my life had fallen into place, all that was left to find was Mr Right.
Which was when Alec appeared. I was attempting to carry a box inside when I tripped and tipped its contents across my lawn. And then, as if it were a movie, I looked up to find him standing over me. His smile exuding his boy next door charm from the word go. He knelt down besides me and began to gather my belongings. He introduced himself before using his muscular arms to carry the box inside for me.
He too was a teacher, not at the same school of course, but none the less it was nice to know we had that in common. He was someone I could speak to and someone who would understand the struggles of which often accompanied my work. I had images of the two of us in his and hers dressing gowns sat across from one another at our dining room table marking papers, taking it in turns to tend to the crying baby upstairs.
I was getting ahead of myself. I barely knew this man – yet there was something so familiar about him. It felt as if we were two old friends reconnecting after years apart. Being with Alec felt right. He too clearly felt the connection because he invited me to dinner that night. Being that we seemed to have a life time of stories to catch up on, it would have been crazy for me to refuse.
That night I joint Alec for dinner where he showcased his amazing talents as a chef.” Everything was locally sourced” he had told me. I was impressed and flattered by the efforts he had gone to, I would go as far to say I felt a little embarrassed. He so clearly liked me and I him, there seemed to be no will they, wont they tension. It seemed simple and I could see our futures mapping out together already.
As soon as dinner was over Alec informed me of his prior made plans to meet up with some friends that evening and seeing that I knew no one in the neighbourhood he invited me along. Of course, I agreed. Not only did I know no one but also it made sense to get to know the friends of the man I was so clearly destined to be with.
We met his friends at a bar. They were all so welcoming and introduced themselves one by one. Amber and Simon were both lawyers while Kevin and Darcy worked in finance. It felt strange speaking to these mature people with their professional seeming jobs seeing that moving to this town was the first grown up step I had taken in my life. As they spoke I quickly came to realise that they were paired off in couples. Amber and Simon spoke of their recent honeymoon while Kevin and Darcy shared their troubles with conception. It was official, Alec and I were part of a couple group. We had couple’s friends. The thought of wine evenings and board game nights made my stomach a flutter.
That night, I went home feeling dizzy off of cheap booze and excitement for where my relationship with Alec was going. He walked me inside and ensured I was alright before telling me he would see me soon. “see you later.” His voice was so comforting and loving I couldn’t help but have them on loop as I fell into a deep sleep.
The next morning, I allowed curiosity to get the better of me as I investigated whether there were any jobs going at Alec’s school and oddly enough they were looking for an English and Music teacher. I hesitated as I considered how abrupt and unjust the move would be, but the money was better, the school was closer, and I would already have one friend there.
The next few weeks were a daze of interviews and day dates with Alec. He showed me around town and gave me advice on the best date restaurants on offer. Once I had been given the job my next step was to tell Alec. He seemed a little shocked to hear the news, which contradicted the excitement I had expected but once I explained to him why it made sense he seemed to warm to the idea.
Everything was perfect. But then, I saw a car pull up outside of his house and a woman walk inside. She was petite and blonde, the polar opposite to me and I quickly came to the realisation she must be Alec’s sister. As late afternoon turned to night I worried that the car was still parked outside and decided to investigate. For Alec’s safety. I walked across my lawn and up to a window to peer inside. The window led to the kitchen we had shared many a meal in over our last few weeks together.
Inside there were red roses were everywhere. Though we had known one another for only a short amount of time I knew he was my perfect man. I spied the champagne on ice and could feel the warm flicker of the hundreds of candles on my cheek. And as the orange glow flickered across his beautiful face I knew I loved him more than anything else in this world.
As I watched I noticed something was not right. He was not with a sister nor was he waiting for me. The woman approached him and slipped her dressing gown off of her shoulders revealing her naked body. I was shocked and disgusted that he could hurt me in such a way.
Enraged I walked back into my house and down to the basement. Instinctively I reached for my tool box and retrieved my revolver. I walked back across to his window where the two were still passionately entwined. I raised my revolver to the glass and shot twice. One bullet for the liar and another for his whore.
So that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury is what happened. I do not deny a thing. It was a crime of passion but a just crime at that.


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