TaleTime “My best friend STALKED me”

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Today’s post is another TaleTime, because it seems like my life is just one big funny story. So settle in and prepare yourself for me to delve into my somewhat questionable past.

Let’s start with the things I think you need to know. Firstly I was in my last year of primary school which made me about 11 i think. Secondly my mum had only just started letting me walk to and from school on my own because up until this moment I went to both a before school breakfast club and an after school club. 

Now this story is obviously an old one and everyone involved was about 11 at the time and so the person being discussed has obviously changed a lot since then. Because of this we’re just going to call him “my friend” throughout this post because, its embarrassing for him and no one wants to be judged for things they did at 11.

So anyway, my friend was in the same year at school as me and was also friends with one of my best friends. I’d been going to the breakfast club for about 3 years and this was about the point i was leaving when he joined. So for a little while, his mum would drop him off at my house and we would go to the breakfast club together, everything was fine. But like i said, about 2 weeks later I stopped going and my mum started letting me walk to school on my own.

One morning I was getting ready for school and there was a knock at the door. My mum answered it and it was My friend. My mum had met him before and so wasn’t surprised that he was walking to school with me and let him in. I, on the other hand, had no idea he as walking to school with me. But it didn’t really seem like a big deal because we were friends and that was what friends did.

The next morning, this exact same thing happened again and again the day after that. Now, this had been happening for 3 days and everyday he would show up at my house at quarter to eight – bare in mind I lived 3 minutes away from my school and lessons started at 9. He was mega early. It was also weird that he was showing up and not having had breakfast. So my mum was feeding him as well as my brother and I …

On the fourth day my mum was talking to one of the employees of the breakfast club who was a family friend and she told my mum that My friend was supposed to be going to the club – because they give you breakfast there – and he had just stopped showing up. Apparently that morning his mum had been in a panic because she couldn’t find her son and it turned into a whole drama. So the employee asked “please, tomorrow, just don’t let him in so he is forced to come here where we know he is safe.”

So the next day he knocks at the door and no one answers, he knocks again but eventually gets bored and leaves and goes to the breakfast club. Brilliant right? wrong. this is where the story really starts getting weird.

In our school playground there were two playgrounds connected by a little woodland area and a field behind it. Throughout both lunch and break for the rest of the week, he would sit in the trees just watching me and my other friends play. It was a little bit weird but nothing terrifying.

Anyway. It was summer and so the next week was a fairly hot. On the Monday I was walking home after school with a different friend and i could hear a weird noise behind me. So i turned around and it was My friend on his scooter following me. And I knew he was following me because he lived in the opposite direction. So my friend and I walked to my house where he proceeded to stand in my drive way just staring at my house.

Now this was a little creepy so we called my other friends mum who came and told him to leave. But the next day, it happened again. Friday rolls around and I was getting sick of it.

After school I went to the ice cream truck instead of walking straight home and he was getting ice cream too. Now he was my friend so I was queueing with him. The boy in front of us (lets call him Matt) bought a huge tub of sweets and poured them into his backpack and started walking home. My friend and I were walking behind him and I start seeing my friend opening Matt’s bag and taking the sweets out.

I was mortified and didn’t know what to do, so i did nothing. I just went home. But when i get to my house he FOLLOWS ME INSIDE. Like i told him no, but he didn’t acknowledge it.

So he asked me if he could leave the sweets at my house because his mum didn’t let him have sweets and he would come and collect them the next day. I said no and this crazy kid backed me into a door and threatened me. Now bare in mind we were both 11 but still this was terrifying.

So i agreed to let him leave the sweets at my house  and i devised a plan. The next week I would go into school super early and I would wait for Matt and I would tell him that the sweets had fallen from his bag the day before and I would return them to him. Because I didn’t want to get “my Friend” in trouble.

Before he left he told me he needed the toilet, we had 3 toilets in my house. 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs. I was using the one down stairs so he said he would run up and use that one. When i finished doing “my business” i went upstairs to see if he was okay and i found him in my brothers room. 

I was so confused but i told him to leave.

The next morning my little brother asks me if i had been in his room because he was missing £40 of his birthday money. £40! 

I can only speculate as to what happened to the money as there is no solid proof he took it and I do remember my brother saying a little while later that he thought he’d moved it or something. I don’t remember exactly. But I was still suspicious.

I was also sort of scared of my friend. He was bigger than me and I didn’t want drama and so I followed through with my return plan and when my friend asked me where they were i told him my mum had found them and given them back to Matt. My lies were smooth.

After that I stopped hanging out with him and didn’t really speak to him at school anymore… and as unsatisfying an ending as that is, that’s it.

Obviously i would like to reiterate that both my friend and I were 11 at the time and my brain has always over dramatized things and nearly 9 years later some memories are a little fuzzy. I’d also like to add he is now a really lovely person and I’ve spoken to him a few times but never about this. But yes, that was my weird stalker story. I hope you enjoyed. If you did be sure to give it a like and subscribe for more stories like this every week!

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