Students Guide to “Fresher’s Week”

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Anyway, today’s blog is of a chattier nature – wow. me? chatty? never! I thought, since my first year of university is coming to a close I would give the next up and coming lot of fresher’s my honest opinions and advice that will help them through their first week away from home!

So, for those of you who saw Student’s Guide to “First Day Fears” you will know that I went away for university. For me this was 100% the right decision because i was so ready but i do also understand that not everyone is and so although there will be things in this post specific for people who are living in halls, i will try and keep the most of it general!

I’ve decided to split this into 3 different parts. Section 1 is going to be about nights out, part 2 is going to be about week day schedules and section 3 is going to be about living in halls.

Part 1 – Nights out!

  1. so you may be aware that the first week of university is usually a non-stop party. As daunting as this sounds it is a really awesome way for you to meet loads of new people at once. You know that everyone is in the same boat as you and so its less scary to just go up to people and say “hi! I’m _____. Nice to meet you.” Seriously it will be the best decision that you make.
  2. again due to the week being a non-stop party your university will tend to advertise different events at night. My university had events such as back to school and UV parties. As awesome as some of these events were, something you should be really careful about is pre-buying. Because you might get to university and meet people and your plans will change … So basically keep your schedule open.
  3. Be careful about town events. This is a warning because it happened to me. There was a party called something or other fiesta and literally it was fake and cancelled the week before freshers and I was never refunded. It wasn’t a great experience but hopefully you can all learn from my mistakes.
  4. Eat! As tough as your first week of potentially feeding yourself might be if you are going out drinking PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, eat something substantial. Again i learnt the hard way when I had to be fireman carried back from an event! Sure it was good for bonding with the flat and making funny stories it was also terrifying as it happened and very embarrassing. So just make sure you eat a proper meal. Even if its pasta or oven chips. Have some carbs and look after yourself.
  5. This one is my FAVOURITE hangover remedy. Now I’m not going to call it a cure because in all honesty I’ve not found anything that can cure my hangovers but these few things really do seem to help. a) get a can of fizzy drink and put it in the fridge for the next morning. It seriously makes you feel so much fresher. b) mini cheesecakes are a life saver. Now I’ve not experienced this myself but i have friends who swear by the curative power of cheese cakes. So make sure you’ve got a few hanging about. c) Berocca! Now I find Berocca tablets are disgusting personally but if i have a hangover i don’t drink coffee so Berocca does the same job of giving me energy. d) going to universities you are likely to become a vodka drinker. It gets you drunk quickly and is fairly affordable. So this hangover tip is to mix your vodka with orange juice. It takes away from the hangover the next morning!

Part 2 – University plans

So something you will find in freshers week is your university will put plans in the day. Now for me this was super annoying because I was always hungover and i didn’t want to have to get up to go to welcome meetings. So, hopefully these tips will ensure that you get to all the important things and know what you can miss.


  1.  Anything that says anything along the lines of “meet the department” – as someone who went to all of these meeting the department talks i can tell you that they are the most tedious and painful things I have ever sat through. I actually fell asleep. I’m glad that they are proud of all of their work but for me it was a waste of time. So if you are going to skip – not that i am condoning that – but if you do this is one that i benefitted nothing from.
  2. Department walks – now at my university this happened on a Wednesday morning at 9am … the Tuesday night had been an eventful one and lets just say i was in no state to be getting gout of bed on the Wednesday. So i didn’t go but I also didn’t miss anything. Apparently they walked through the building and went and got ice cream… i am more than happy i slept through that one.


  1. Library tours – you are going to spend so much more time in the library than you expect so making sure you know where everything is, is so important. As long as you know where your books are, how to find the books you will need in essays and how to sign books out and in ect. So i would really recommend attending this one.
  2. Schedule meetings – These might be called something different at your university but it is essentially the place you sign up to which modules you want to be taking. If you miss this you will either have to resit your first year or you will have to do the modules no one else wants to do.
  3. Fresher’s fair – granted the university i went to didn’t have the best freshers fairs. It didn’t have all the different clubs on offer and so i missed out on some opportunities but then again it was a great place to get coupons and – in other universities – it is a good place to join clubs and meet new people.

Part 3 – living in halls

  1. my first bit of advice is to ensure you do introduce yourself to your flatmates because if you have a good relationship with them they are going to be the closest thing to family you will ever have!
  2. I’ve recommended this before, sweet and biscuit tins are a great ice breaker and a good excuse for an introvert to meet their flat! I wrote more about this in the earlier post I mentioned so do be sure to check that out! you can find it by clicking here Student’s Guide to “First Day Fears”.
  3. Get your parents to stock up your cupboards. Foods such as pasta and rice and sauces and tins are awesome when you cant be bothered to cook. Also it can last a lot longer so you can stock your cupboards full and it saves A LOT of money
  4. Make sure you’ve got lots of pictures as well as the app PhotoBox you get 40 free photos sent to you a month which is great for keeping track of your memories at university.

So that’s all i got for you this week! Give the post a like and a subscribe if it has helped you and don’t forget to have a great week!

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