TaleTime “Breaking Out of School”

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This is another TaleTime post where i share my embarrassing moments with you. So settle back and i hope you can enjoy laughing at my awkward moments.

So to begin, let me give you a few bits of information. At this point I was about 14 or 15 years old. I was in my second from last year at secondary school (or my second year at high school). It was about 7PM and I had stayed late to finish off a last minute assignment… isn’t that always the case.

So my friends and I were bored of science and had decided that the one way to overcome boredom was to play hide and seek… obviously. So one friend went into the girls toilets and began to count to 50 meanwhile the rest of us looked for somewhere to hide on the science floor.

One of us hid in a doubly cupboard, another one hid behind a cabinet and I found myself hiding inside a hollow table base…

For a while we waited until eventually we were all found… but we were not found soon enough.

While we had been hiding and our friend had been counting, site services of our school had been walking around the building checking for people, clearing classrooms and locking up the building. Our science teacher had still been working and had asked site services to leave open the toilets and the classroom he was in. So while we weren’t trapped inside a locked room, we were locked within a locked building.

After another half an hour, which involved dancing on the tables, running around the building and doing everything else you do when you are inside an empty school, we found ourselves packing up and ready to leave.

Bags on our backs we headed down the stairs and past the empty reception towards the main doors to the building. It wasn’t until we pulled on them that we realised they were locked. Shortly after we walked towards the back doors of the school to find that they were locked too.

Side doors? Yep, they were locked.

We were trapped inside the school and panicking a little. Now me, with my weak bladder decided I was desperate for the loo and so we all reconvened in the bathroom to discuss our options. I was in a stool when the girls began to sing… loudly.

Within minutes it became clear to us that the empty school wasn’t as empty as it seemed. Head of the school marched into the bathroom shouting and screaming about our “terrible singing voices”.

As with any situation where we were under threat the five of us scarpered as quickly as possible back into the school.

Now logically we should have asked for the keys … but we didn’t. We disappeared and continued to hide from the head for the rest of the day.

Eventually, after a while of discussing we came up with a plan. Surely they couldn’t lock fire exits … wasn’t that criminal or something? So together we all headed to a fire exit. Took a breath and pushed the bar. And surely enough it opened.

We were all elated. We were free from the school and freezing fresh air had never felt so good. We were nearly home free when we heard an irritated old Essex voice screeching from behind us.

“Oy, you!” She shouted. As we turned around we saw the manager of sight services stood angrily in the door way.

“yes?” My friend innocently asked.

“Your lot just opened this here door. right. Id locked that.” She shouted.

“Sorry.” My friend genuinely replied.

“Sorry.” the bitter old cow mocked. For a moment we all stood still before someone muttered the word run. and ran we did. As quickly as we could off of school grounds and away from the angry old woman.

Now to this day we do not know how my smallest (no offense) but weakest friend managed to muster all her strength and open a locked fire door but none the less she did and for the next three years she did not want us to forget it. We were greeted with dirty looks and under the breath comments but we didn’t care because it was an evening we wouldn’t be forgetting in a hurry.

So I hope you enjoyed my tale of mischief and mayhem. If you did please be sure to click the like button and subscribe for more TanyaTale post updates like this one. See you next Friday at 7PM!

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