Short Story “A gods story – God of the Taxi”

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So without further ado settle in and i hope you enjoy the last story of the series.

You’ve all heard my tale before – a taxi which takes one not where they want to go but where they need to go. But you’ve never heard my side of the tale for I am not a passenger. No, I am the driver of the infamous taxi. You’ve heard the tales of my siblings: Poseidon Jr.; Orion and Death but today you hear my story. The story of Athena, god of wisdom.
You see, a god in heaven is no god at all they are merely a puppeteer of humanity. I’ve always been on earth taking on whatever form I must to be listened to. Once a tavern keeper and now a taxi driver. Today, however, I am to tell you the story of my first ever passenger.
His name was Michael and from the moment of our first encounter I knew he needed help, guidance, wisdom. He had been stood on the side of a road in the middle of the night. Had I been in London, New York or Tokyo this would not have been strange, but we were in the middle of suburbia. He had not appeared sad nor had he appeared angered or begrudged, yet still there was something about him that instantly alerted me to his needing help.
I pulled the taxi up aside the curb and wound down my window. For a moment he looked alarmed but then he saw my face. There is something about being a young pretty woman which is unthreatening to the men of earth. Little do they know I am far more dangerous than any hooded figure. That is, only when I need to be however.
“I haven’t any money.” He said, responding to the offer I was yet to give. He looked embarrassed and ashamed. As if confessing his poverty was a sin.
I smiled sympathetically and unlocked the back door which prompted him to clamber onto the back seats. I asked him where he wanted to go, and he told me the airport, he said he just needed to get out of the state, to go anywhere that no one knew him. How strange it had seemed for a young man to travel to an airport with no luggage and no bags.
“What’s your story then?” I asked. He looked confused for a moment before he came to the decision to let his guards down. With a sigh he began.
“Do you believe in love? I don’t mean that wishy washy teenage drama. I mean, pure breath taking, heart stopping, goose bumping endearment. The type of love that from the moment you lay eyes on that person your world is tipped upside down and inside out – but in the best way. Listen to me, I sound like a fool. A hopeless romantic. I’m not, or I wasn’t. Not until I met her.
I had my life plan. At 20 I’d take a gap year to go travelling, have my adventures and make my memories. 22 I’d leave education and join my father’s investment banking company. 26 I’d get married to my teenage sweetheart and at 28 we’d have our first child. I know it sounds like a boring and simple existence but at least it would be mine.
But I guess life had other ideas. It was June and I was in Luxembourg, it was raining so I took shelter in this little hostel. There was only one bed left and I thought that it was pure luck. Now I think it was fate. The universes way or screwing me over. I had walked in and found this girl packing her backpack on the bed next to me. I told her it was raining but she didn’t care. She told me she was waterproof, and her clothes could be replaced but her memories couldn’t. She told me to let loose and trust her – so I did. We toured Luxembourg in the pouring rain, the streets were empty and pure. It was beautiful. We stopped off for food in this tiny Italian diner and chatted until they closed.
Three years later and she was still as exciting as ever, but she lived in America and I in England. On one visit out here, I found myself buying a ticket to Vegas and the next morning I awoke a married man.
My parents were fuming. Even more so when I told them I was moving to America to be with her. They told me I knew nothing about her, they said that she was just a phase. I was angry, rightly so and left on bad terms. So, I left in the middle of the night with nothing and flew out to her. But when I arrived she had gone. She had cleared out my bank accounts and disappeared.” He concluded.
It became immediately apparent why he was so ashamed to have no money and I knew where he had to go. I took a moment before putting my foot down. I drove about until he fell asleep and then I used my power. I closed my eyes and imagined where he needed to be and when I opened them again my taxi was pulling up outside a small cottage. There were vines climbing the walls and roses lining the path. The windows were slightly frosted, and the old chimney was letting out steam.
I coughed loudly, and he opened his eyes. Jumping up alert.
“Where are we?” He asked as he looked out the window. “Is that, my parents house?”
“Yes.” I said. “Listen, I know this is confusing and you don’t understand but sometimes life has its own plan. You need to clear the air with your parents. I want you to learn from this experience – you were only fooled by this woman because a part of you needed her to fool you. It allowed you to escape. A part of you was using her just as she was using you. So, do not walk back into the life you were so clearly trying to escape with no plan for change.” I said.
He climbed out the taxi and walked up to my window. “I’m Michael, by the way.”
“Nice to meet you” I said. I smiled meekly and watched him walk up to the front door. The door opened, and I was overwhelmed with the love that poured out the house. I knew I had done the right thing. I drove off down the road contempt with my job when I saw a young girl crying in a bus stop. I pulled up cautiously.
“Where are you heading?” I asked.


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