Short Story “A god’s story – Orion’s belt”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and here on TanyaTale we are doing MARCH MADNESS.

March Madness is a themed month where by every week i am going to share a short story about a god with you!

So, without further ado allow me to welcome you to my blog. I post every Friday at 7PM with the occasional odd post dotted about here and there. TanyaTale is a place where i share creative thoughts and reviews of books – not to mention the countless embarrassing real life stories. So please do be sure to click the like and subscribe buttons and join this wonderful community.

Today i am very excited to present to you the story of Orion’s belt.


There is so much about this world we know little or nothing of, so many secrets we are yet to unveil. Today, however, you are set to learn a little more of our mysterious home as I enlighten you to the story of Orion. You see, when one thinks of a god they imagine a man in the sky guiding us from way up there, but what one fails to consider is how a man can be so influential without being hands on. The truth is, if you dare to believe it, our gods walk among us. They always have and always will. The world’s only constant through times of such uncertainty ensuring the ultimate peace of humanity.
Each god has lived a thousand lives by a thousand different names. Walking into and out of many a person’s life and all the while remaining undetected. Each deed they do and each word they say changing lives. Never once do they ask for anything in return. Never once do they question why they do what they do for they know they are serving humanity in a way no other could.
However, from time to time each god will find that humanity has affected them for it is impossible to walk among the living without adopting some of their habits. The worst habit of all, as Orion has found, is falling in love. How difficult it must be for a god who never ages to fall in love with woman after woman. To watch them grow old and die before him, never to be able to stop it because after all, who is a god to disrupt the natural order of things. And with each death comes grief and heartache, only one thousand times heavier and more painful than anything our human hearts could survive. for a god’s heart is large enough to hold his love of every mortal being and so when it breaks the pain is essentially unbearable.
Orion’s first love, Mary, was good and pure. Her smile could bring light to the darkest of nights in a way Orion could never imagine. For years they shared their lives, helping those who needed help and guiding others. It was a love Orion had heard people speak of time and time again. She taught Orion what it was to fear for when she was around Orion feared to blink in case she disappeared. One night as they were drifting off to sleep Mary had told Orion that the darkness of night taunted her for in the dark nothing was as it seemed. These words had echoed around his mind and taunted him every night thereafter.
But as time went on Mary aged and Orion stayed the same. Each day Mary would ask, “how do you look the same as the day we had first met?” and every day Orion’s heart would break a little more having to explain away her queries. One night he realised that he could no longer stay for if he did humanity would soon discover the existence of gods and the notion of faith would be forever lost. And so, though it pained him deeper than any other thought in the world, Orion planted a kiss upon her forehead before walking away.
The proceeding years were torment as Orion watched his love grow old. He watched her heartache over his loss and then watched as another mended it. He watched as she began a family and became a mother and then a grandmother. And he watched as she slipped away into the night.
He tried so hard, but come the day, Orion couldn’t stay away from Mary’s funeral. He needed to say goodbye. So as the congregation gathered in the church Orion took the chance to plant one final kiss onto the forehead of the woman he had loved and lost. And on that night as darkness drew Orion cried a sea for the pain in his heart seemed almost too much to bare. How cruel, he thought, must this world be to hurt the man who made it. And worst of all, Orion knew come 100 years later, Marys name would be forgotten.
Enraged and grief-stricken Orion embarked upon a mission to remember his love. He etched a star into the sky to brighten up the night and there she lay forever more watching down upon the earth she cherished so.
As time went on Orion’s heart healed and though he never once forgot Mary, a heart as large as his was wasted not to love. And so, he fell, time and time again, in love with souls of beauty. He’d watch them grow and live their lives until their final days and when they died he etched them a star upon the dark canvas for he knew he was to remember them when no one else did.
And hence then came Orion’s belt of lives he’d loved and lost.

So there you have it, the first short story of the gods! I hope you have enjoyed this. If you have please be sure to click the like and subscribe button and don’t hesitate to leave me a message in the comment letting me know what you thought! Until next week, stay safe.

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