Short Story “Empty Chairs”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to TanyaTale. This is a blog where i can share all of my creative thoughts and opinions on different works of literature. If you are new to the blog then welcome. I share posts every Friday at 7PM. Please be sure to click the subscribe button to join our little community. If you are returning to the blog then please remember that you are the reason this blog thrives! Welcome back.

This week we are returning you to you with an old classic. A short story. This is how TanyaTale began and this week i am very excited to share with you another piece of my work. So settle back and enjoy this short extract/ story. So grab a cup of tea settle in and have a read of this post. Please do click the like button and feel free to leave a comment below.

And onto the stage she leapt, as elegant as a panther dancing through the grass, each limb perfectly controlled and poised. A beautifully painted smile gracing her lips, perfect enough to deceive an audience into believing her charade of confidence. Ella took a breath before allowing her body to be set free, meeting perfect form as she moved in unison with everyone else on the stage. Her toes always pointed and each move being executed through to her fingertips. And then came her moment. The music faded and the stage cleared while she stood perfectly still. Her eyes glanced out, looking out for the people she would dance for, dance to impress. Her eyes grazed the audience, each set of eyes glued to her. Then Ella’s eyes stopped. Her mother sitting wearing a smile of pride. Her grandmother cradling a hanky. Her uncle with his camera rolling. An empty chair. He hadn’t come, he had missed her once again. Ella’s feet froze to the spot and her eyes could not move from the chair. He had promised he would be there, he had promised that he wouldn’t miss this one. Nothing would stop him he has said. Nothing at all.

Ella’s heart sank in her chest as the music began to play once more and like the professional she one day would be she danced. She danced with a smile on her face and passion in each of her steps. Not a best was missed, not a move went unfinished. She was perfection to an undeniable degree. 

The music finished, the audience stood and applauded and Ella took her moment, a modest curtesy before leaving the stage.

“Ella Mae, are you alright?” Miss Elliot asked, a nurturing arm reached around Ella’s shoulders.

Ella sniffed and took a breath before nodding politely. “Yes, I missed a step that’s all.” Ella lied. 

Fifteen years later and that empty seat still mocks her, and on her wedding day not an empty chair was left. Not for him, not for anyone who wanted nothing to do with her. 

So there you have it. Please be sure to click the like and subscribe buttons and remember that you are welcome to leave a comment below! See you next Friday at 7PM.


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