TanyaTale Presents “Book Review: A Simple Favour”

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Today’s post is a book review of the book A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell. As I mentioned in my last book review I struggle a little with writing book reviews but of course I am always up for a challenge and the last review seemed to get nothing but positive feed back! So to help me along I am following the book review layout suggested on writology.com (which, as any regulars to TanyaTale may know, I am a big fan of!) and you can find a direct link to the post I am referring to here!


As you can expect from a book review this will contain some spoilers of some of the biggest plot points included in the story so please be warned that there are some included but I will try to keep them to a minimum as not to ruin the read for you.

A Simple Favour is the debut thriller novel by Darcey Bell set in a small suburban American town. It is about a mummy blogger (Stephanie) whose best friend (Emily) asks her to do a simple favour which quickly tips her life upside down.

The story follows three main characters: Emily, Stephanie and Sean. It becomes even more interesting when you consider that each of these three narrators are all hiding something, their own little secret, something which makes them VERY unreliable. The characterisation of this book is one thing that I can not criticise.

The story begins and is mostly set through the perspective of Stephanie however the story is in the most part about the disappearance of Emily. I really liked this form of narrative and think that Bell carries it off extremely well.

The book, at times, could be slow. In this respect some of the chapters titled “blog posts” seemed only to be repeating what has already been explained in the pre-ceding chapters. This made some parts of the book a struggle to read and a little frustrating.

One part of the book i did have an issue with however, was the conclusion. The book comes to a wonderful climax a few chapters from the end however the ending is some what disappointing. It is inconclusive and empty. Despite leaving the story open for a second book it is not so much a cliff hanger as a coat hanger. It is undramatic and achieves nothing. It doesn’t fit in with the tone with the rest of the book.

Overall i would give this book 3 stars. It was a good read however it was slow and i did not appreciate the ending.

So there you have it. Please be sure to click that like button and if you have read it yourself then please do let me know what you thought in the comments below. Until then, i will see you next Friday at 7pm.

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