TaleTime “Italian Drug Mule”

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This post, as you can probably tell from the title, is part of the TaleTime collection. To those of you who are new here, TaleTime allows me to share my cringe-worthy stories with you. And, if I may say so myself, this is a good one. So I hope you enjoy TaleTime “Italian Drug Mule”.

Firstly, allow me to set the scene. It was my eighteenth birthday. I was on my first ever parent free holiday. and oh, I was in Italy.

Throughout the duration of the trip my best friend and I had muddled ourselves into many (lets call them) adventures. There had been confusion with a train while I was on the roof of an Italian cathedral. There has been the “incident” which had gotten us “kicked out” of an Italian museum. And there had been the “dine and ditch attempt” from the mafia restaurant. But nothing compares to this story.

Throughout our time in Italy we had met many a peculiar person, many of which had attempted to tie to our wrists a piece of braided string – one of which had succeeded.

Our trip was coming to an end and my best friend and I were heading through airport security once again. Our luggage had been checked in and now it was time for our hand luggage, which we had been lugging around Italy for the past few days to be checked.

Our bags went on the conveyer belt and we walked through the metal detector.

“Step to one side please Ma’am” a voice had said. The man didn’t look like normal security. He was in some form of military uniform and carried a weapon … we were a little concerned.

We were scanned – nothing new there, it has happened before and usually the metal detector has been triggered by a belt or an earing …

“Follow me.” the man said. Before i new it he had marched off and into a cubical. My best friend and I followed in a stunned silence. Neither of us too sure of what exactly was happening, both of us sure that whatever it was, was not good.

Our fingerprints were taken. Then our fingertips were swabbed. They placed the swab into a machine and then left us to wait.

I was panicking to say the least. My hand luggage was no where to be seen and I had been left in a cubical after my DNA had been collected by a man in military uniform. What was I supposed to do?

After a while the man returned and guided us back towards our hand luggage before allowing us to go forth into the airport, allowing us to catch our flight. But the story doesn’t end there.

A few weeks later i was discussing the rather frightening events with an Italian friend of mine and he revealed to me EXACTLY what had happened. The men with the string were con artists, as we had assumed. If we had stopped to accept the “bracelet” someone would have placed something in your backpack. We hadn’t stopped to accept them but they had more than likely been stored alongside drugs. Drugs which there may then have been traces of on our bags.

However, we had been let go. We were clean and they finally realised that we were not drug mules or hardened criminals. We were just ignorant tourists.

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