Short Story “The Bitch with the Corner Office”

Hey hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to the New Year with TanyaTale. I post blogs on TanyaTale every Friday at 7pm for, what I hope is, your entertainment. So please be sure to click the like button and the subscribe button because for some reason you clicking those two buttons somehow make me feel good about what I am writing … ahem … joking … obviously …

Anyway, today’s blog post is a little bit shorter than usual. I was given an assignment to write a 300 word story about a woman in crisis and so that is what I have done. Now for anyone who is new to TanyaTale this wont seem all that strange to you, but for those of you who are regulars I thought I would just give you that little bit on insight as to why it is so much shorter than usual. So here you have it “The Bitch in the Corner Office.”

She has everything, the bitch. We both started at the firm six years ago and now she’s a partner while I’m still struggling to get out of a cubicle and into an office. She has the designer clothes and the designer shoes which clop down though the office every bloody day.
“Hiya Sarah!” She coos. I hate everything about her. I hate her penthouse and her parties and her white teeth and her weekly appointments at the salon for her perfect hair and her perfect nails. I hate her string of model boyfriends who send her roses or tulips on the daily. I hate the fact that wherever you go she gets served first because all she must do is flick her godly hair and reveal her lowcut top. She has everything, and I hate her for it.
I used to be her. When we started at the firm we were the queens of cocktail hour. We were the two up and coming magazine editors who eat salad together and went to the gym on our lunch breaks. Now, however, I don’t remember the last time I went to the gym. I don’t remember when last, I had the time to make a salad before work. She has everything and what do I have?
I have two children who cry all night and a husband who guilt trips me out of taking on extra work. He doesn’t understand that I am trying to get ahead. He doesn’t understand that at some point I fell behind, and I haven’t caught up since.
I stand in the office clapping her as her name is put above the door. She is such a bitch.
“Well done.” I say, two thumbs up given in approval before I turn around, roll my eyes and return to my shitty little cubical.

So I hope you enjoyed reading that nearly as much as I enjoyed writing it! It was something a little bit different and something a little bit fun! Until next week my lovelies!

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