TanyaTale Presents “Book Review: Into The Water”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and I post here on TanyaTale every Friday at 7pm. Today TanyaTale is revisiting a post type of which I haven’t attempted in over a year! Today we are delving back into the world of Book Reviews!

The main reason I struggle with Book Review is because I am not very good at being critical of writing. I think it is because I understand how much time and effort goes into writing a story and I know that the book I am ‘critiquing’ is someone’s baby. But today I am going to try once more to write a book review. I have recently begun attending writers workshops where we have to critique writing in front of the author and therefore I feel like I am improving at giving feedback.

Today I am going to follow the template set out on writology.com. If you would like to check out the template and questions you can visit writology.com by clicking here. So please be sure to click the like button and be sure to subscribe before settling back to check out this book review!


In case the post title hadn’t given it away, this review is of Into The Water. Into The Water is the highly anticipated follow up novel of author Paula Hawkins (the genius behind the book Girl on the Train). It follows the story of its 10 main characters: Lena, Mark, Josh, Jules, Patrick, Sean, Helen, Nickie, Louise and Erin as well as a range of side characters.

The novel plays out around the Drowning Pool in Beckford and follows the investigation into how Nel Abbot ended up dead in it’s waters. As well as this the book has an ongoing subplot which looks into the reasoning behind the suicide of school girl Katie Whittaker earlier in the year.

Into the Water seems to be another Hitchcock style book, falling into the category of psychological thriller/mystery. Hawkins does well in writing this genre, the book moves at a good pace as tensions rise from the word go. Hawkins title of Into the Water summarises the novel to a tee as it seems that EVERY character heads into the water at some point.

The story begins by quickly rushing through the its ten main characters perceptions and reactions to the death of Nel Abbot, who seems to be quite a  controversial figure with an obsession with the towns “drowning pool.” By starting the book this way Hawkins throws her readers straight into the deep end (pardon the pun) and begins the fast moving pace of her novel.

Throughout the book I seemed to get the overall impression that the book had been rushed. I felt as if there was a hurry to release Hawkins next book while the hype of Girl on the train was still fresh. That is not to say I did not enjoy the book, it just means that  I felt as if there were a few under-developed parts of the novel.

The book is split into four parts, with part one as the largest part, two and three fairly equally split and part 4 as a short conclusion of each of the ten main characters. The end of part three offered a wonderful conclusion which climaxed beautifully and left me shocked but not disappointed. Part 3 really does symbolise the end of the story and in my opinion the book should have been ended there. Part 4, in my opinion, ruins the book. It introduces a twist which does not improve the book, rather it confuses the reader.

Another problem I found with the book was the large cast of characters. There are ten main characters and along side the fast moving plot it became very difficult to keep up with who was who. I found myself flicking back and forth to the beginning of the book trying to figure out which storyline went with which character. It wasn’t until near the end of part 2 that I managed to follow the story – which was annoying for my friend who I had to keep asking to remind me who people were.

Overall I did enjoy the book, yet I could also find flaws within it. I personally would not recommend the book to a friend as it was a lot of hard work for something which I was hoping to be an enjoyable way to spend down time. But if you are up for a challenge I am glad that I read this book and am going to give it 3/5 *

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed that book review and that you have got some insight into this book. I am glad I made this post as, despite finding it challenging, I also think it was a lot of fun and meant that my reading of the book didn’t end when I closed the final pages. If you enjoyed please click the LIKE button and be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more updates on this blog!

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