TanyaTale Presents “2017 Q&A”

Hey hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to TanyaTale, the blog which occupies all my creative thoughts. From short stories to embarrassing anecdotes to astounding guest posts, there is no where better for it than TanyaTale. To anyone who is new to TanyaTale please be sure to click the like button and be sure to subscribe for updates on when I post. When is that? I hear you ask. I post every Friday at 7pm. To those of you returning, you know the drill and as always it is lovely to have you back.
So today is my official LAST POST OF 2017 and I being so thankful for all of you who stop by on this blog to have a read. It has been so exciting watching this blog grow in numbers from the 11 followers I started 2017 with to the 200 or so followers it has now! So today I thought I would steer away from the norm and leave the creative writing for the new year and give it a go answering some questions in TanyaTales first ever Q&A! So settle back, click like and subscribe and leave any questions in the comment section down below which you would like me to answer in the future.

Q1. Why did you decide to Blog?
A: I decided that I wanted to give blogging a go several years before I finally did. My issue was that i didn’t know what to blog about. I’ve never been good enough at makeup to give advice on it and my life as a student seemed a pretty boring topic to blog about every week. It wasn’t until I decided that I wanted to become a creative writing student at university that it hit me … why not blog about books and share those short stories you have had stored on your computer for all this time? So i did. My friend at the time, had just started her own blog and so it was awesome being able to branch out to her for some help and advice and she seemed happy enough to give it to me. From there, everything seemed to work out pretty well and surely but slowly i seemed to get better at blogging and more and more people seemed to be showing an interest in what I had written and I guess that’s pretty cool!

Q2. Which is your most popular blog to date?
A: Hands down it has to be Short Story “Bridge of eternal Love” which I posted in July this year. I had just come back from a break from blogging and this was one of the first posts I shared. It got an amazing response with some really encouraging comments which really warmed my heart. I loved to see how excited people were about my writing!

Q3. What are your plans for TanyaTale in 2017?
A: Obviously I have no intention to give up the blog! Actually now seems like a great time to share that I am going to be branching out more in 2017. I am hoping to expand from doing just short stories and embarrassing anecdotes and start trying out some new things. I’d love to do some more book reviews, especially since i seem to be reading so many for my uni degree. I also want to try out a segment about being an English Literature and Creative Writing student, but I haven’t decided where that one is going just yet. Other than that, the blog intends to keep working with regular guest blogger Deveraux Frazier and I am looking for some more guest pieces if anyone is interested!

Q4. What is on your ‘Bucket List’?
A: So many things! A lot of them are travel related, so you never know the stories on the blog may soon be tales from my travelling adventures. First I’d have to save up some money but a bit of hard work never hurt anyone!

Q5. Have you got any New Year’s Resolutions?
A: Haha! Actually I do, I want to try and start living a healthier life. And no i don’t mean work out more and eat healthier, though it couldn’t hurt. I mean i want to try and live a more positive life, stop feeling snowed under and start tackling the little things which can build up to big things. Catch up on lectures, get more fresh air, and write a sickly positive note every morning. I will talk more about it in a post in the new year so keep an eye out!

Q6. What is your favourite post?
A: I don’t really have one, it would be like choosing a favourite child. I love writing short stories because it gives me complete creative freedom but then again I love being able to recount all of the crazy adventures i have been on during my TaleTimes. So sorry but I can’t chose, if you want to however, feel free to comment down below.

Q7. Would you ever branch away from just creative writing posts and try “a day in the life” type posts?
A: As i mentioned earlier i might introduce a “life as a student/ things I’ve learnt as a first year” kind of segment in the new year but honestly my life isn’t interesting enough for a full on “day in the life” type situation aha.

Q8. What blogs are you into?
A: Wow i am so glad i get to answer this one because I think it is so important to share the hard work of other bloggers just as much as you try and share your own. I will list and link to some of my favourite bloggers and encourage you to do the same.
Lifewithlilred – life is better in red – i am actually obsessed and have been for nearly a year now!

yoUnicorn Reads – another amazing blogger who I strongly recommend checking out!

Jay Colby – I am fairly new to this blog but am utterly in love with it! I cannot recommend this enough, it has been truly life changing!

So there are a few. I am obviously in love with loads but these are the three which have had the biggest impact on my 2017 so I had to share them with you!

SO that is it from the Tanya of 2017 and wow has this year gone so quickly. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

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