Short Story “Saving Bobby”

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At 6am little Bobby had awoken to his nanny’s arms scooping his limp body from his bed. She hastily put shoes onto his bare feet and slipped a coat over his pyjama’s. Quickly, she grabbed a bag and hurried out the door.
Less than an hour later and Bobby was sat beside his nanny, Quinn, on Paddington station. He was watching in awe as trains pulled out onto the tracks and feeling excited for his surprise adventure. Quinn, on the other hand, was not excited. She tapped her finger against the bench and quickly checked the time before turning her gaze to Bobby.
Bobby was the perfect child. He was polite, kind and always so eager to help. His latest infatuation was helping Quinn load the washing machine. He was an angel, it was just a shame his parents didn’t see it. They were always “too busy” for Bobby – which was how Quinn ended up with her job of being the parent to Bobby that the Suttons were not. She played with him and read to him and tucked him in at night. Just as she had done with her own child.
Quinn took off her woolly scarf and wrapped it around Bobby’s shoulders. Bobby reminded Quinn greatly of her own son, Michael. Both boys had the same cheeky grin and the same love of Paddington bear. Quinn was sure that Michael and Bobby would have been the best of friends.
Quinn blinked back a tear. It was still too soon for Quinn to think of her son without feeling that deep pang of loss and picturing his lifeless body.
“Where are we going?” Bobby asked, his huge green eyes staring up at Quinn.
“Well, do you remember that Paddington bear moved in with Mr and Mrs Brown because his Aunt Lucy couldn’t look after him?” Quinn said. Bobby nodded with a wide toothy smile. “Well think of me as Mrs Brown and you as Paddington bear.” Quinn said. Her voice had been lowered and she looked side to side to ensure no one was listening.
“So, are we going to Peru?” Bobby asked.
Quinn laughed a little before nodding and smiling. With that, a train pulled into the platform and Quinn let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t until they climbed abroad the train that Quinn began to feel excited for the new life which awaited her.

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