TaleTime “The Great Hike: My Cabin in the Woods”

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Today we are heading back into my seemingly endless bank of embarrassing and somewhat crazy real life stories. This is part 2 to the tale of my great hike so if you haven’t read part one yet you can check that out here! I cant say that what happened this night was at all logical but none the less I feel I wish to share this story with you! So settle back and enjoy this TanyaTale TaleTime Story…

We had finally arrived at the campsite …FINALLY. It had been a very long day and little did we know it was about to become a very long night. The campsite was full of families who had decided to try and escape into nature and as we walked into our cabins our expectations could not have been lower.

You see, we were barely seventeen. Admittedly we had lied about our ages in order to gain access to the cabin, pretending to be “mature adults” for one simple night. Due to being so young, we could not afford a beautiful cabin; we had bought the simplest cabin they had to offer.

Walking in we were pleasantly surprised. There were curtains and beds and a fridge. What more could we need?

In true ‘back to nature’ fashion we prepared our evening meal … we ordered a delivery from dominos. Please understand that it had been a long day and we had arrived at the camp site well after the sun had set. Dominos was the only answer. To continue our explorer ‘roughing it’ vibe we decided to set up an ipad and watch a Disney movie with our pizza. All was right with the world.

As I am sure you can imagine, the day had been very long and very tiring and so we could not wait to get to bed. Now it is important to the story that you consider the layout of the room. There was a bunk bed against the far wall (as far as you can get in a cabin) and there was a put you up bed (which looked a lot like an ironing board) with its head against the bed and the feet next to the door.

We settled in and within a matter of moments we had fallen asleep. Which is when it got weird.

There was a light in the room – which for a basic cabin could be considered quiet luxury – which began to turn itself on and off. In true horror story fashion… there was no one there. It may have been at this point that I began to panic. But I am a stiff upper lipped brit and I was not going to have my night away ruined by a potential poltergeist.

After very little time I fell asleep. I mean I wasn’t the only one in the room. There was still a 2/3 chance that if an axe murderer broke into the cabin I wouldn’t be killed first so it was all pretty positive.

A little while later though I was awoken by a noise. Something was on the roof, something big, something heavy. I didn’t want to look up, just in case someone were to be there waiting to pounce but as I looked around I caught the frightened eye of my friend. We both took a breath and nearly screamed when our friend emerged onto the ground.

She had been scared of waking us and so had decided to jump from the top bunk onto the floor as the stairs for the bunk were dead set in between us. Why she thought she was Spider-Man all of a sudden I have no idea.

She told us that she was going to the toilet and she would be right back before walking promptly out the cabin door and into the woods. Now I wish I could tell you that I know what happened to her when she went outside because the noises we heard where in-natural to say the least and for days afterwards she found bruises up and down her arms and neck but she swears that she simply walked from the cabin, to the outhouse, and back.

While she was gone the cabin door began to shake a little and after a moment it slowly crept open. Both my remaining friend and I were too scared to move. I backed up trying to get away from the door but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t bring myself to scream because a small part of me, as scared as I was, was also curious to see what was behind the door.

It was in that moment that I no longer wondered why, in horror movies, the main character always wonders towards the mysterious noise or down into the cellar where the crying is coming from. It seems to be an inbuilt impulse of humanity to be curious. To go where we know we shouldn’t go to see what we probably shouldn’t see.

The door opened and to this day I swear I heard a voice. A whisper telling me to leave. I didn’t say anything in return I just asked my friend if she was okay. She told me she was scared and so was I but a matter of seconds later my friend re-appeared in the open door way. She was confused as to why the door was open but calmly she shut it, locked it and climbed back into bed.

And that is it for this week. I hope you all enjoyed that on this fine wintery evening. Love you all and I will speak to you all next week!


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