Poetry with Devereaux Fraizier “When I was Down”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My Name is Tanya Hooper and welcome to TanyaTale a blog in which i share creative writing of any and all sorts. For anyone new to TanyaTale welcome – please be sure to click the like and the subscribe buttons and allow me to welcome you to our awsome community. For those of you returning to TanyaTale =, welcome back and have i got an amazing post for you today.

As on every last friday of the month i have an amazing treat for you, another profound and moving poem from the wonderful talent, Devereaux Fraizier! So without further ado, here is this months poem.

When I was down

you weren’t there

sucking air underneath

the pressure of your reign

weighted love against the backdrop

of forget and memory

the lies rained down

and planted the seeds of revenge

within the field of my soul

I vowed to take back

and since you were never there

now it’s time for you to remember

life isn’t fair

as the farmer must give

before he can take

I will give you the full measure

of my heart

before you tear it apart


I will give you the barrage

of scorn and misgiving

as you so gladly had done to me

I will give you the burden

of unrequited pain

both in childbirth and in death

aren’t they all the same

I will tear from you my life

so that you will never be again

the tormentor of my dreams

and the bastard of my days

I will ruin you to the end

even if it means among my fathers

I too

must lay

So I hope you enjoyed this poem and have clicked like to share your love for this wonderful talent who I am lucky enough to have been working with for several months now!

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