TanyaTale Presents “A letter to THE author”

Hey Hi My Lovelies! My Name is Tanya Hooper and I release creative writing posts every Friday at 7pm. For those of you who have been following this blog over the last year you may well know that one of my greatest writing inspirations is the one and only Jane Green. Her writing excited me and inspired me and the more of her books I read the more stories I began to write. So today I am writing a letter to Jane Green herself. The wonderful woman who has had such great influence on my life. So settle back and enjoy A letter to THE author.

Dear Mrs Green,

If you’d have ask me two years ago for my opinion of reading and books I would have told you that it wasn’t for me. I would have said that I don’t like reading and that I found books boring. If you’d have asked me two years ago for my opinion of books my answer would have been filled with ignorance. I would have told you I didn’t like reading despite not having given it much a chance.

Then came the day I found a book in a charity shop. I was leaving and on my way out I spotted something golden out of the corner of my eye. It was a book cover, your book cover, the cover of spellbound. The cover was creased and bent and damaged with a slight water mark on the corner and rather than dismissing the book as damaged goods I picked it up and I bought it because this book had been through a lot. I had an image of a woman sat by the side of a pool reading it and it getting splashed. I pictured sisters fighting over it and it getting ripped and I pictured someone so engrossed in the story they didn’t notice as they turned a page too vigorously tearing the page a little and damaging the spine. This book had told me a story before I had even opened it and that is why I began to read.

The next one of your books I bought I picked up from a Waterstones bookstore. As I picked it up I was excited to read it but it wasn’t telling me a story yet. That is, until I got to the counter. As I bought it the lady behind the till said “I met Jane Green once, her daughter was at a summer camp I was working at.” She then went on to tell me the rest of her story. She told it with such excitement and such heart that I was engrossed and I ended up holding up the queue to listen to her.

The most recent book of yours I read I picked up while I was buying some books for my English Literature and Creative Writing degree. A degree that, if I had not found your book in a charity shop, I would not be taking.

Mrs Green, the reason I love your books so much is not only because of how well they are written but also the other stories each book tells. Thank you for writing your stories and teaching me I was wrong. The more I read the more I wanted to write and hence was born this blog.

So I write this letter to you to thank you but also to ask, what made you start writing? What inspired you to inspire me and, I am sure, so many others out there? Was it a who or a what? It’s just something I am oddly curious about. Anyway, thank you once more from the bottom of my heart.

Yours sincerely,


So there you have it, a letter to Jane Green. Please don’t forget to hit both the like and subscribe button and please do comment down below if there are any people who have had such a huge influence on any aspect of your life. Until next week, lots of love Tanya!

P.S. I am looking for someone to write a one off feature piece. It can be ANYTHING creative and has to be about winter or Christmas as it will be featured in December! If you are interested or have any queries please do not hesitate to email me on tanyastales@outlook.com and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.


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