Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “letting go”

Hey hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and I post here on TanyaTale every Friday at 7 PM. For anyone who is new to the blog i’d like to greet you with a massive welcome and let you know what a wonderful post you’re about to read. Anyone has been around for awhile you will have read some amazing poetry from this wonderful voice before and you know what a treat you’re in for. So be sure to click like and be sure to subscribe to both Me and Devereaux Frazier!

This is a pre-warning that this post is not suitable for a young audience as it contains sexual references throughout.

take out your wrist

no, all the way

stick me with all your pain

your depression, anxiety, and marital struggles

drown me in the empty bottles

suck me off to make it all go away

it’s okay, I’ll just sit and take it

look at the window, there goes my summer

fall, winter, and spring

you wake up fresh and clean

while I hide under filthy sheets

I can’t let my friends see

the disaster that’s become me

you’ll never let me be

jacking off to your insanity

I plead the fifth while you corrupt me

it’s been obvious to them

but I can’t see

through the semen spewing at me

and the empty glances that demand another dance

pouring out my heart

at the feet of your fables

I look normal but I’m developmentally disabled

cause I’m just not able

to tell you that I don’t care

I just stare at your ugly teeth

fake hair

cover those fake tits I see those purple veins

call me deranged

but I when I feel a certain kind of way

when I think of the light

closing in on these inglorious days

I think of how I was raised

so I take the leftover lemonade

and stuff it in my heart

people who love me can’t even see it today

I save it when I need a reprieve

from all the pain

So there you have it, another wonderful poem which was both beautiful and thought-provoking. More of these wonderful poems can be found on the poets blog which I will link below or check out some of the other poems here on TanyaTale! I hope you have a lovely week, and I hope you’ve clicked that like and subscribe button to be sure to know when the next post goes live.

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