Short Stories “Train Spotters” and “A Lost Needle”

Hey Hi My Lovelies! I am Tanya Hooper and I post blogs here on TanyaTale every Friday evening! Today I have two VERY short stories for you. Both of these were written in 2012 and as they don’t seem to have aged badly I thought I would give them a chance to be read. I suppose you could call the two extracts below analogies as they are not quiet stories but if you guys like them hit the like and subscribe buttons and I will turn them into proper stories. Now without further ado may I introduce you to “Train Spotters” and “A lost needle”

Train Spotters

The thing about friendships is that they come and they go. Some may end poorly and others may have simply run their course but every friendship has its purpose as it teaches us a little more about ourselves.

Think of life as a train, one train on a journey from start to finish. The over-ground stations are the moments in which life seems right. Moments in which one has a clear sense of direction on their journey into the future, while the under-ground stations represent life’s darker moments. The flashes whereby all surety has been lost, and one feels buried under life’s challenges. And, as with any train, there are passengers. There are people along for the journey with you. Some of these passengers will get off the train underground and others will ride it out the other side.

But every passenger on that train has their own story. Most ride the train as a means to an end. They mean no harm and ride the train until their course has been run. Few will start the journey with you and others will end it. And then there are the passengers one longs for; train spotters. Those who appreciate the train and chose to take the journey. Those who ride out the darkest stations and reach the journeys end and are happy to do so. Those who cherish every moment upon the train no matter how messy.

A Lost Needle

Have you ever stopped to think about the life of which you are living. You could do what ever you chose to do with that life and so think about what exactly it is that you have chosen. Have you chosen to be a one solitary needle in a hundred haystacks? Because as hard as it may seem to admit, that is what you are. You are one uniquely brilliant person in a world filled with billions of people. And out of those billions of people how many people know you? 100? 200? and out of those hundreds how many people REALLY know you. how many of those people would be able to tell you your favourite meal, your favourite colour, your middle name? I am going to guess that there are about 20, give or take.

20/7.442 Billion people know who you are. Now I am not saying this to worry you, I am saying this because there is still a chance that you can do something about it, make an impact on the world and leave your mark. Just be good to one person today and by tomorrow those 20 people will have become 21 and every little helps.

So there you have it – a little snippet into the philosophical thoughts of a me when I was 13 years old. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did please hit that like button and while your at it don’t forget to subscribe. I will see you next week my lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Short Stories “Train Spotters” and “A Lost Needle”

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  1. I think the train story could well be developed into 1500-2000 words, and might feature a disparate group of commuters who always see each other, but don’t know anything about each other as individuals. Perhaps they could bond in a train crash, or mechanical failure leading to a long delay? That would also tie in with your second idea, of how many people really know who you are.
    Are you really only 13? If so, I wouldn’t state that on the blog, as there are some strange people about on the blogosphere. But that said, if you are that young, you are doing an excellent job so far.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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