TaleTime “The Ambulance and The Sausage Roll”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya MacPherson and I post on this blog every Friday at 7 PM. It’s that time of the month again when you put aside all negativity and spend five minutes laughing at my pain and awkwardness. If you are new to the blog you can click the link to be introduced to TaleTime. So settle back and relax as I tell you a story which sounds too crazy to be true.

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So it was early august and my friend had just had her 17th Birthday. Being an August child it wasn’t often that she got to celebrate her birthday with us all since most the time, at least one of us would be on holiday and so the fact that we could all make it seemed like a good sign. As we had been given, what felt like, a sign we were determined to do something and as it was sunny and fairly warm we decided to head down to a park and have ourselves a birthday picnic.

So secretly we gathered banners and balloons and a sash and prepared to throw the best picnic ever! We have sausage rolls and crisps and cakes and sweets and sandwiches. In short we were prepared for the BEST and MOST EPIC BIRTHDAY PICNIC EVER. When we arrived at the park we took a while to find the PERFECT spot for the PERFECT picnic. We walked, in dresses and impractical sandals, for nearly half an hour when eventually we came across the perfect spot. To the one side of us there was a cliff and rolling fields and to the other there was a pathway out of the woods. The area we were in seemed perfect for my dog to run about and for us to fly kites and play badminton without being constantly disturbed by people – in case you weren’t sure we are not a sociable bunch. My friends and I settled down, put the banners up on benches and trees and set up the picnic when my dog ran off.

I went after him slightly into the woods where I found him sniffing around an empty wheel chair. Now anyone who has been reading this blog for a while may know that I have a bit of a crazy imagination and so seeing an empty wheelchair should have sent warning signals through my head but for the first time i decided to be rational and assumed someone had just dumped it there.

So the dog and I went back and joined the group and I had just started munching down on a sausage roll when we heard sirens. Now baring in mind we had walked for 30 minutes off road to get here we were a little confused where it was coming from until we saw it coming down the field towards us. We began to scramble to move our picnic blanket backwards so that it could get past us. We moved backwards and watched as the ambulance just got beside us and stopped. The ambulance was right beside us and paramedics were jumping out and running into the woods with stretchers and technical language. Suddenly crowds seemed to appear and we began to look like mugs just sitting by with our picnic while an emergency occurred.

Now I would like to defend us for a moment because the way the ambulance had pulled up we physically couldn’t get out of the in-cove we were sat in without disturbing the busily working paramedics. Secondly i was convinced that walking away from an emergency wouldn’t have looked like an act of kindness as we tried to be helpful but it would look like we were bitches who ran away because someone getting seriously hurt was ‘totally bumming out the super hyped vibes of our oh so tumblr picnic.’

So i sat there. With a sausage roll in my mouth unsure what to do. If i were to continue eating I would look disrespectful but i couldn’t sit there for the rest of their time with a sausage roll sitting in my mouth. Now another thing you should know is that when i am uncomfortable i laugh. I laugh uncontrollably and I was feeling super uncomfortable. So out of respect I turned my back on the crowds and the ambulance as I couldn’t stop laughing.

As i was laughing i seemed to splutter out my sausage roll and catch the eye of one of my friends simultaneously. Which triggered her to also start laughing as the paramedics all disappeared into the woods. Despite being awkward once the paramedics had disappeared into the woods we were cofortable enough to continue eating, until they emerged once more. This time they were carrying a boy on a stretcher and a broken wheelchair which my dog had previously been sniffing around.

I swear my dog looked at me as if to say – I told you so – but i chose to ignore it because he is a dog. ANYWAY…

The boy was okay, he had just had a fall and the paramedics had been called prematurely. He was not seriously injured and he had a fantastic group of people around him helping him out. So I don’t feel too bad looking back and cringing/ laughing at the situation. Little need i say that we haven’t been on another picnic since… we have had enough picnicking for one life time thank you very much.

So I hope you enjoyed that tale of misadventure! I do get myself into some sticky situations but I suppose they make some entertaining stories. If you enjoyed this then don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe for more tales of craziness. Comment below any awkward situations you’ve been caught in over the years. We will be back next Friday with another post for you.

If you cant wait until next Friday however you can check out my last post or you can see other TaleTimes for more cringe-worthiness.


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