Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “Crack”

Hey Hi my lovelies! Welcome to TanyaTale – my name is Tanya MacPherson and I post on this blog every Friday at 7 PM! Today we have the second installment of Poetry with Devereaux Frazier. Devereaux Frazier is an extremely talented poet whose blog you can find by clicking here. To see the first installment of poetry please you can click this awesome button. Once you have read this poem and realized how amazing it really is do not forget to go over to his blog and subscribe, click the like button and while your at it you can leave a welcoming comment down below to show Deveraux Frazier how much we all love their poems! SO without further ado here is “Crack” …

sitting in a corner

watching the sky through a crack

in the window, my soul

sees the light I once lacked

a chink in the armor I did believe

was all that kept me from being able to see

but they all could see

that I certainly wasn’t confident in me

slight change ruined my emotion

panic at the everywhere caused commotion

in my lungs, and on these pages I cry

I’m younger than my age is

today begins, tomorrow ends

same story, misunderstanding of friends

being just like you, I can’t ever pretend

but here I am, again and again

beetle crawls along my arm

reminding me of the slope I’m on

soon to be squashed, or flicked

little nuisance, move along

So there you go, another wonderful peak and Devereaux Frazier and his poetry. We will be back next Friday at 7 PM with another post but until then why not click like, follow this blog for weekly post updates and leave a comment below. If you’ve got a blog yourself why not leave me a link in the comments so i can head over and check out your amazing blogs!

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