Short story “One Word”

Hey hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Macpherson and I post every week on Fridays at 7pm. This week is a short story about the way a single word can change your life. Let me know in the comments below if a single word has influenced your life and if it has let me know what it was! Also don’t forget to click the like button to tell me you have enjoyed this and who knows… “one word” could become a series!

Oh how much can change in a mere seven years. How a life can turn from one thing to another. How people, once held dear, can vanish from your story and how those you called family can become strangers in your eyes. For life and time are both unstable and easily disrupted, a word may take a second but can change a life forever.

Sabrina’s story

“Okay.” That was my word. The one word I needed to say for my life to change courses completely. I seemed to shift from one person to another and my life seemed to adapt accordingly. It all began when Abigail East invited me to her party. You see I had never been popular, though unpopular was an equally unsuited term. None the less an invite to a party was a much welcomed surprise. I wondered if this opportunity had purpose in my life if perhaps it would change me but had I known the way in which it would do so I doubt I would have gone. I doubt I would have risked who I was then for who I have become now.

It had been a Thursday and a rather uneventful one at that. There were no storms yet the sun wasn’t shining warmly either. No one was behaving oddly and there wasn’t a startled feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was a normal day. I had taken notes in my lessons and eaten a ham and cucumber sandwich for my lunch. I had packed and unpacked my textbooks from my bag and had partaken in my normal conversations. In short there was nothing telling me that I was about to be faced with a life altering decision.

Abigail East was not a perpetrator and I was not her victim. In actual fact her life also was changed by the power of a single word. She had approached me at day end and invited me to a party. I little remember what the party was for, perhaps it was a birthday or perhaps there had been no reason at all. Truth be told the reason matters very little. What matters was that I said “Okay.” I agreed to go and I was unhesitant about it for it seemed a chance for me to mark my teen-hood. A chance to give myself something to look back on with pride and joy.

I had shown at the party an hour or so after Abigail had told me it would begin. I did not see her that night for the crowds and music and the alcohol seemed to turn the evening into somewhat of a blur. Someone had come up behind me and offered me a drink. He was tall and dark and handsome – I am aware that this sounds like a fairy tale, he sounds fictional and this feels false but none the less it is how it happened. That night I had promised myself not to be me. I promised myself to be confident and flirty and to let loose and so when asked such a question I replied “Okay.”

His name was Clark and he was in the year above me in the sixth form. He liked beer and nachos and had travelled and picked up several different languages. He would say things like carpe diem and though I knew not what it meant it seemed to impress me. He had the cutest dimples and whitest teeth and every so often a slight and implacable accent would cling to his words making me weak at the knees and he liked me. Why I didn’t understand and still question today for I was no more than an out of place nerd trying too hard but I suppose he found my clumsiness endearing.

At the end of the evening he walked me home. He claimed to know a short cut but rather it seemed to make the journey far longer. I didn’t mind one bit for the longer we were together the more of his stories I could hear and the more countries I could explore through his engaging description. His words were beautiful and in part I wish that evening could carry on forever more yet even then I knew it couldn’t. We reached my house and he planted a kiss on my lips like they do in the movies. He took my number and promised to call. This is a promise I wish he hadn’t kept.

One year on and Clark and I seemed unstoppable. We spent every waking hour together and our minds and souls seemed to have become intertwined. I felt incomplete when we were not together as if a piece of my heart and life had been stripped from me. It made being home impossible so this became a rarity and college too took a back seat in my life. I had rejected all thoughts of university for it presented itself as no more than another hurdle for our love and my future had gone from being rewarding and professional to bright and exciting as I planned to travel the world with the man of my dreams on my arm.

Clark invited me out with his friends one day, a move he had never made before. We seemed too different to work. We seemed like a princess and a pauper and his friends had never welcomed me because of such differences. They would call me ‘princess’ or make jokes about me being a ‘daddy’s girl’ and I, in return, would call them ‘chavs’ and ‘low lives’. But I sought after their approval deeply and they knew this too. It didn’t take much thinking for one of his friends to see how desperate I was to fit in. He asked me to do something, he asked me to prove I was willing to do anything for Clark. They told me to rob the convenience store. At first I was apprehensive but seeing Clarks face and seeing how clearly he wanted me to be a part of them felt like motivation enough to act on their orders.

It started small – I stole a packet of crisps – but then it grew. The packet of crisps turned to clothing turned to phones turned to money. But the friends of the one I once loved cannot be held responsible, not alone anyhow. For as my crime went on I admit I began to get a taste for it. I began to want more. Greed took over me and so when one day they handed me a gun and ordered me to hold up the convenience store I seemed not to blink twice. “Okay.” I agreed.

I burst through the doors waving the gun about and ordered the sole member of staff to lock the doors. She did as I asked for I had the power. I was in control and her life was in my hands. I ordered her to make her way over to the till and to empty its contents into my bag. Once more the young girl did as I asked. She was crying silently, fear exuding from her but I was on a role and knew not how to stop. She handed me the bag across the counter when I suddenly realised she still had her phone. I ordered her to give it to me and she told me it was under the counter. I allowed her to go and get it. This was a rookie mistake. There was a panic button under the till and as she clicked it she trapped me in the store with no escape until the police arrived. I couldn’t go to prison and in a panicked frenzy I shot. Two bullets to the chest for her and life in prison for me.

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