Short Story “The Bride of the Lake”

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This short story is a little more technical than my usual ones. Of course it is still a story that you can read and “enjoy” but this is a story I spent a lot of time carefully crafting to ensure it was perfect! Don’t forget to show your support by clicking that like button!

As you can tell from the title this piece of fiction is roughly centred around a wedding speech … have you ever had to write a wedding speech; whose wedding did you last attend; have you been embarrassed by a wedding speech? Let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear from you.

She is so beautiful.

Her hair, her smile, her eyes…

Her dress. That dress. That wedding dress.

“Are you ready for your best man speech?” My wife whispered in my ear. With haste I snapped out of my daze and spun around to face her. She was smiling, or at least trying to.

To me it is apparent that she should have had braces in her youth, to fix her lopsided smile if nothing else. But this did not happen and now I am stuck with the decision of having a wife with wonky teeth or a wife with braces. Amber on the other hand, that’s the bride, her smile is perfect. Her teeth are white and her face is symmetrical. She is the image of purity. The way her hair falls into natural curls and her face is veiled and her modesty intact.

And that dress, that wedding dress, makes her look like the Virgin Mary herself. Oh what wonders must lay beyond that dress.

“David, are you ready?” My wife nagged on. I smiled best I could and nodded warmly and the stupid cow was none the wiser that I am imaging my life with her best friend right now.


“You’re a lucky man.” I tell the groom, not yet to tell a lie. “The two of you look good together.”

It was true the pair looked compatible. The doctor and the lawyer, the husband and the wife. But though he was her one and only, she, in turn, was not his.

She was pure, so pure. She lived to save the innocent and she worked to purge the guilty. Her clothes were always pressed and her appearance always tidy. Today was no different. She looked so clean in her white dress. That dress. That wedding dress. I pictured undoing the zip, slowly and savouring the moment.

“I hope you’ve not embarrassed me too much in that best man speech of your.” The groom said, putting my fantasy on pause. I turned to him and chuckled a deep and devious laugh.


“Thank you for coming.” Amber said, her arms outstretched and welcoming. I stepped into her warm embrace. One, two, three. I counted in my head. Sure to not outstay my welcome. We wouldn’t want anyone becoming suspicious.

I smiled back at her, and she looked at me. Our eyes they had connected. They seemed to beacon me to follow her and I did as I was told. A few times she did look back, to check I was still there. But I for one was not about to disappear.

“He’s worried about your speech.” She said, perching on the windowsill. The day had turned to evening and the lightness turned to dark. The mood did glisten in her eyes and her thoughts did swim within. She was perfect. So perfect. So pure. She looked like an angel in her dress. That dress. That white dress.

For a second all was still and we pair exchanged no so much as a word.

But then my flower changed, she tainted her pure sole. When from beneath her skirt she revealed her garter. It held in place a packet of cigarettes. I watched as she pulled one out and hoped that she would stop. But she did not.

She pressed the cigarette between her lips and lit it.


They found the bride at 10:12pm

Floating in the lake.

Her hair was wet and messy, her smile was no more. Her eyes they held no love.

But that dress, that wedding dress was still as before, beautiful and pure. She’ll take that dress into the afterlife as a symbol of how she died.

For in truth she was not dead but reborn innocent once more. Her soul was cleansed of all her sins as she entered through god’s door.

I hope you “enjoyed” this weird wedding tale. This was 50% inspired by the Channel 4 documentary “The Trial – a murder in the family”. If you haven’t seen it you can check it out here or if you have seen it leave me a comment below telling me what you thought! Click that like button if you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to subscribe for updates when my posts go live.

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See you next week!

15 thoughts on “Short Story “The Bride of the Lake”

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  1. Love the slow build up to the shocking ending. Love the way you do (write) love and affection. Love the motifs you employ: wedding dress, purity; and the way that the latter sets us up for the ending. You have an inventive mind and an engaging style – thanks for sharing this. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.


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