Poetry with Devereaux Frazier “Harlot” 

Hey hi my lovelies! my name is Tanya Macpherson and I post blogs every Friday at 7pm and oh boy have we got a treat for you today! Welcome to a new monthly segment called poetry with Devereaux Frazier! A little while ago I posted an opportunity for a blogger to take over one slot on TanyaTale a month and share their amazing work with my welcoming audiance and Devereaux Frazier stepped forwards. I feel honoured to have been able to read some of their work and am so excited for the many opportunities to come. So settle back and get ready to be blown away with this Amazing poem “Harlot”. Don’t forget to hit that like button as we welcome this talent onto TanyaTale and leave a comment below to let us know you’ve enjoyed it! 
icy winds bear down upon

the harlot

playing in her sandbox

she draws the face of men

who take her life

every breath is lust restored

blood drips from every hole

yet she is told it is natural


how dare she question the hierarchy

bowing before the beatings

from whips and scourges

the streets know the outlines

of her feet

and brake lights imprint

on a pale face

when they stop she puts on a show

hoping they will see her beauty

and freedom

she might know

sleep with me she begs

not to fulfill her desire

but theirs

an unspoken sisterhood

dedicated to one another

the moon flavors

unsavory nights

full of lust and lies

pitiable fight

from the heart of this woman

stronger than any soldier

wiser than any sage

to buy back her freedom

without equal pay

bright girl stand tall

eyes brightening with the rising sun

feet standing firm

face set towards the horizons

and heart brimming

with unconscious power

your time

is done
How amazing was that! You can find more amazing stuff from this talent on their blog which can be accessed by clicking here! Don’t forget to like and comment to show your love and if you can’t wait for more work like this you can subscribe to the blog for weekly reminders that we’ve posted! Until next week I hope you keep smiling and keep up the positivity

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