TaleTime “Left Outside Alone”

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya MacPherson and welcome to TaleTime! Over the years I have managed to muddle myself into some pretty stupid situations and so I figured the best thing to do is put them onto the internet for your enjoyment! So show some support by clicking the like button, subscribe for more embarrassing tales and settle back to enjoy the craziness of my life! Don’t forget to comment if you enjoy so i know to make more!

Tale Time – Left Outside Alone

So let’s begin this story with some things to note…
1) I was about 5 years old (2004)
2) I was at a boot fair with my mum and my little brother
3) I was addicted to the song Left Outside Alone by Anastacia

We had barely arrived at the boot fair and were just beginning to explore when I heard the song Left outside Alone playing from the speakers of someone’s car. In all honesty I had no idea where the music was coming from and at five years old all I knew was that this song was my JAM! Every time it would come on in the car I would sing along at the top of my five year old voice and everyone who knew me knew how much I loved this song. So I obviously wanted to go towards where the music was coming from and to this day I can still hear my mum’s voice saying “go to the music.”

Now obviously I was five years old and my memory was hazy at the time, let alone 13 years later but I am sure I heard those words. My mum on the other hand swears blind that she never said anything of the sort. Realistically and logically my mum is right for two reasons. Firstly, no parent is going to tell their child to wander off in a crowded place and secondly, my mum is an adult and has a much clearer recollection of the event than I have. So maybe I imagined it or maybe I heard a parent speaking to their child or partner but either way I wandered off.

So I was following the music and being five years old I was fairly small and could dart in between people with great ease. Looking back I remember it all as if I were in a trance for my brain seemed to be focusing on very little other than where the music was coming from. A few minutes passed by and a I triumphantly discovered where the music was coming from but when I spun around to share my joy with my mum and brother – they had gone.

I was panicking with just cause and looking frantically about in hopes of her catching my eye. I can remember thinking ‘I’ll see her in a minute, if I keep looking I’ll find her soon’ but I didn’t. I was too young to have a phone and so being lost was a much bigger deal than it would be if I lost my mum now and furthermore trying to find anyone in an overcrowded field at any age is a challenge. But I was cleaver – or at least I thought I was – and I began to walk down the isles in hopes that I would run into her. Now anyone with children has probably said at one time or another “If you ever get lost hug a tree” and the reason people say that is because you are far more likely to find one another if one of you is stationary. So it will not come as a surprise to you when I announce that I didn’t find my mum.


That wouldn’t be a funny story at all if that had of been the end. How sad would this story be had the ending been “and I never found my mum – instead I was raised in a travelling boot fair and people would pass me from stall to stall caring for me and teaching me the tricks of the trade”. No that isn’t how this tale goes, rather it has a somewhat happy ending.


So in my panicked state I began to cry and a woman seemed to come to my rescue. Bearing in mind this happened 13 years ago the middle of this story is very blurry. How I got from the middle of an isle to the organisers caravan I have very little memory but all that matters is that I did. The woman handed me over to the organisers who terrified me. They were probably really kind hearted people who had done no wrong in their life ever, but to me they were evil.

If anyone has ever seen The Adventures of Pinocchio there is a scene where he gets lost and the fox character says he will help him … this is what was happening in my mind. Now if you have seen the film you will be aware that the fox turns out not to be helping Pinocchio at all and in fact he was the villain. Being five years old and having very little ability in deciphering the difference between fact and fiction I managed to convince myself that these people weren’t helping me at all.

The man was kind and offered me a seat but I was determined not to stay long so I turned his offer down, telling him that I was okay standing. Next the lady offered me a chocolate – and as strange a detail as it is to remember, I recall them being Hero’s – but I turned it down. Firstly because I never really liked chocolate and secondly because my mum had raised me to never take a sweet from a stranger. He then asked me what my mum was wearing and I told her that she was wearing her iconic blue rain jacket. So over the speaker he asked for Sue with the blue jacket to come and collect me.

Eventually my mum showed up in her BLACK coat and took me home. But the story doesn’t end here! 13 years later I am talking to my mum about it and she tells he a part of the story I had no idea about. My brother, aged three had told my mum to give up looking because if I was lost she was never going to find me. So this story is dedicated to my little brother – YOU’LL NEVER LOSE ME!

I hope you all enjoyed this post – if you did click like and subscribe and tell me in the comments below if you have had any similar experiences and make me feel a little better!

16 thoughts on “TaleTime “Left Outside Alone”

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  1. Lucky you..
    mom must have been so happy 😁..,

    And you must have forgotten about the song fast 💨 enough..,

    Five years old..
    good 😊 memory..

    Really a very entertaining story


  2. Getting lost is half the fun, obviously at five its hard to appreciate and your Mum is never going to see it that way 🙂
    Getting lost does provide the best stories
    Cool post Tanya


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