TanyaTales presents “Back with a Bang” 

TanyaTale is back.
Hi hey my lovlies! My name is Tanya MacPherson and in 2016 I started this blog… three months ago TanyaTale went on a little break to refresh my creative juices and now I’m back with more idea’s than ever before! So click that like button and follow the blog as we kick off a new season of TanyaTale. Here is a little welcome back story just for you …

“Morning Sally…” her mother said as she pushed open her bed room door, exposing her sensitive eyes to the harsh light in the hallway.

“Go away.” Sally replied. She pulled the duvet over her head and buried her face in a pillow.

It was 6am and Sally was supposed to be enjoying her long summer holiday but instead she found herself getting up before the sun to go and help her mother with a boot sale. Who even has boot sales anymore? Sally sulked as she rolled from her bed onto the ground, her duvet still wrapped around her head. Sally shuffled tiredly across the room and towards her wardrobe.  Flinging open the doors Sally instantly knew she was in trouble as an avalanche of bags, shoes, shirts and jeans fell from the upper shelf. Sally rolled her eyes before lying down on the floor like a corpse.

It was only 6:12am and Sally had already entered into her first existential crisis of the day. Sally stay still for a moment staring at her white ceiling before taking a deep breath and pulling herself out of the heap of clothes mounted on top of her. I know what i’ll wear! Sally thought proudly as she began to rummage through the mess. Five minutes passed and Sally still couldn’t find her grey cardigan. She had even began to tidy the wardrobe in hopes of it appearing but none the less it seemed at a loss. Sally grunted irritably before she began to mutter to herself.

“I didn’t even want to go to this stupid bloody boot sale – sell the shit on your own. I mean its my summer and she doesn’t get i deserve a bloody break. She’s selfish that’s what she is. She is only thinking about herself. I bet she doesn’t even give me a cut of the profits. Nope she’ll say she paid for the shit in the first place so she gets to keep the sodding money – well if you bought the shit you should be the one to see it.” Sally ranted.

“Sal hurry up or we’ll be late.” Her mum called up the stairs.

“Hurry up or we’ll be late…” Sally mimicked.

“Pardon?” Her mum asked innocently.

“Nothing – god mum i’m in a rush.” She shouted. “I know i’m late and she knows I know i’m late so why does she feel the need to tell me i’m late!”


“I’m ready.” Sally shouted as she stumbled down the stairs, tripping over a sock and shouting at it as if it were a person. “MUM!” She screamed.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” her mum asked a she rotated in the doorway. She was wearing a pair of black jeans and a white top with a grey cardigan – Sally’s grey cardigan – the grey cardigan she had searched for – the grey cardigan which had made her late.


“That’ll be £12 then please.” Sally’s mum said as she handed a bag full of stuffed animals to a lady.

“Mum – what are you doing.” Sally said. “You are throwing out my childhood as if it meant nothing. I HATE YOU” She continued. Sally stormed off from her mother and climbed into the back seat of the car where she curled up and burst into tears. A few moments of tears passed before Sally’s mum appeared sheepishly in the doorway of the car. She looked upon her daughter, her sweet intelligent girl who had flown threw her GCSE’s and finished school. She looked on the woman before her who was no longer her little girl and smiled as she slid into the car next to her daughter.

“Oh sweetie… i’m sorry. I got them back for you and here have your grey cardigan.” She said as she shook it off. “Sometimes I forget you are not my little girl anymore. You used to love doing these things and I thought it could be a good way of us spending time together after all your hard work. But i understand that tastes change and you aren’t that same little seven year old any more.” She said. Her daughter sat up and looked at her mothers sorrow filled face.

“I am sorry mum. I didn’t mean to act like such a brat. I love you and I do want to hang out with you … just not doing this.” She explained.

“That’s fine … we’ll just have to find something new to do together.” She said.

“There is one thing… there is this blog called TanyaTale. It has fictional stories and reviews and poetry and embarrassing real life situations that the author has muddled themselves into and out of over the years. A new post came out today if you want to head down to the coffee shop and read it and chat for a bit.” She said hopefully.

“My dear – that sounds wonderful” Her mother smiled as she opened up her phone and made her way across to the blog…

 That was just a really silly little story for you- I got super bored and figured that I might as well give you something a little creative rather than just a message saying welcome back.

If you are new to the blog welcome
If you were here before the break welcome back
Have you been doing exams over the last few months? Do you have people in the family who have been studying really hard all year? Let me know how it has been for you by commenting bellow!
Don’t forget to hit that like button too!
I am so glad to welcome you back to the new TanyaTales as we enter into the summer months. For information as to what is to come over the summer check out my last post.

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