TanyaTales Presents “a Guest Post”


Hello my loves!
This week has been one of the best weeks of my life (and that is not an overstatement!) In due course all will be revealed and piece by piece I will share the tale of this week with you but for now, let me share with you a wonderful opportunity I was given.

In January I was reading one of my favourite blogs (lifewithlilred) when I came across the position of a guest blogger. I was so excited and immediately sent an email offering up a post about spring. One month later and that post is finally live and available to be read.

To say the least seeing my work on another blog (one of which I have admired for such a long time) was strange. VERY STRANGE. But also amazingly exciting. I was so proud myself and so I wanted to share this achievement with you. Below is a link to the post and so if you are interested in reading it you can find it there. I also recommend that you check out other posts by lifewithlilred as they truly are amazing!

(lifewithlilred) A Letter to Spring

We are still looking for some guest bloggers to feature on this blog so if your interested drop me an email tanyastales@outlook.com

If you want to see any more from TanyaTales I strongly recommend the link set out below. 

A Murder Mystery – Kimberly’s Story



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