Tanya Tales Presents “Guest Bloggers Wanted!”

Calling all Bloggers (and all non-Bloggers too)! This blog was started so that I could share my stories with you and now I want to offer you the chance to share your own stories. I am opening a Guest Blogger position for anyone who would be interested in getting involved with my lovely audience. The point of this post is for me to see how much interest the position would have and to see if it will be worthwhile so if you are interested please do get in touch. There will be TWO DIFFERENT POSITIONS on offer.

The FIRST POSITION would be that of a one-off poster. This position INVOLVES you sending me ONE POST about anything you wish and (so long as the content is not at all offensive) it will be PUBLISHED on the blog. This will be a fantastic way to draw in the attention of my readers and introduce them to some of your own work.

The SECOND POSITION would be a recurring poster. The position INVOLVES a ONCE A MONTH slot on my blog. Ideally this would be a reviewer slot. You could review: a play; a movie; a book; a blog; an article; world events; fashion; a shop; an event/ party; a cafรฉ; a restaurant or anything else your imagination conjures. This will be a fantastic opportunity to have all the benefits of a blog without having to deal with the maintenance or the pressure of weekly posts.

If you would be interested get in touch and let me know. You are welcome to EMAIL me at tanyastales@outlook.com ย or you can COMMENT BELOW. Please ensure you include all the following information. Please let me know your: Name and the position you are interested in and I will reply either way. If you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting me via either method above, I donโ€™t bite. Hope to hear from you all soon!

20 thoughts on “Tanya Tales Presents “Guest Bloggers Wanted!”

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      1. Besides reviews, did you have anything else in mind? (It’s just that I’ve never done review posts and stuff like that)


      2. Of course you don’t have to do a review ๐Ÿ™‚ you are welcome to do anything you wish. Depending on what you are most comfortable writing. What do you usually write and we can go from there.

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      3. I usually just write poetry, mainly with the focus of autism/aspergers awareness, but I also write a lot of love/break-up poems too.


      4. That sounds so cool!
        Would you be okay starting on July 28th? We can do one a month from there if you’d like? Just send me a poem a month (or multiple at a time if you wish) and i’ll tag your blog and information when it goes live ๐Ÿ™‚

        We can do:
        28th July
        25th August
        29th September
        27th October
        24th November
        29th December

        Would that be cool?

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