An introduction to Tale time

Hello my Lovelies, this is Tanya welcoming you to the New Year here on Tanya Tales! As you can probably already tell from both the layout and title of this post, it is to be a little different to the posts of which I usually make! When I started this blog in the late summer of last year I had no idea what I was hoping to achieve. However now, six months on as we are entering into 2017, I am finally beginning to get an idea of where I want this blog to go. Due to this, I have found a few things of which I want to improve a little, with hopes of improving the blog. This first post of 2017 is therefore going to introduce you to the new aspects of Tanya Tales of which you may see this year!

The first thing of which is going to Improve is my involvement in my blog. I understand that this might seem a little odd considering I am solely responsible for the writing, editing, publishing, managing and everything else related to but none the less it is something I feel is important. Reading back over some of my posts I feel that they are so edited I can’t even hear my own voice in them anymore. I have often been a little apprehensive to put much personal opinion into my posts, which made my book reviews rather difficult. So in future, I am going to try to make my posts sound a little less mechanical and a little more ME!

The second thing is not so much as a Improvement as it is an introduction of something extra! I feel that some of my posts are not as accessible to new readers. A lot of my short stories are rather long short stories which mean I have to spit them into several parts. This means that if a new reader were to stumble onto my blog mid short story they would quiet likely to have no idea what the hell was happening. This, I feel, can be easily solved through an introduction. Even if it be a small something to say “Hi, I’m Tanya and here is what’s going on.”

Arguably the third Improvement of which I intend to make is also going to be the greatest. Tanya Tales spent the majority of 2016 experimenting and trying to find its ground. I published posts on practically every day of the week as I tried to discover when was best to post. I experimented with practically every post time and the frequency had no consistency but finally I have come to a decision. My posts will come once a week on a Friday at 7PM. That is once a week rather than twice, it will appear on a Friday rather than Tuesday and at 7PM rather than 5PM. I know it is a big change but I am hoping the Improvement will allow more of you to get involved and to read the stories I publish.

A slightly smaller improvement on Tanya Tale will see the titles of my posts change. The title of my posts is what I rely on to draw in attention through all platforms of social media, so I feel it ought to be clearer what my posts will be focusing on. The way of which I intend to do this is through categorising. For example my short stories will be laid out as follows: Short Story “story name”. Another example would be a book review which would be laid out as follows: Book Review “book title”.

Now this may be the last thing but for me it is the most exciting! I am introducing a new category called Tale Time! Next month I am turning 18, officially an adult, and I have begun to feel nostalgic looking back at some of the adventures I have experienced. 2016 may have been a pretty crap year with the ongoing Brexit ‘drama’ and the Trump controversy but out of it came some pretty hilarious stories. 2016 allowed me to experience the busiest and happiest summer of my life. Then came 2017. 2017 seems to have hit like a tonne of bricks – unexpected and hard! I’ve woken up to the facts that In a few months I will be sitting my a-levels and a few months after that my friends and I will be spread across the country at different universities doing completely different things! And that bloody terrifies me – that’s where “tale time” comes in. “Tale time” is my way of reliving all these amazing memories, making sure that these stories are never lost because to me they are like gold dust. Especially considering the fact that my life attracts crazy! I figured that I could make my blog more personal by sharing my real life comedy moments with all of you!

I am aware that these are a lot of changes but I like to think of this as an UPDATE to 2.0!

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