Original Poem “A New Year”

Oh how different a person I am now to that of which I was a year ago.

Down trodden by the world

Yet still I soldier on,

Determine not to be destroyed,

Determine to keep my head held high.


Same street

Same block

Same town

Yet a different me.

For I am stronger than I was yesterday

Yet weaker than I’ll be tomorrow.


For I have lived to see another day and to fight another battle  yet as the hours pass me by

I question what I’m fighting for.

Do I fight to fight again

If so then why go on?

For faith,

For hope,

For faith in hope

But hope of what I ask?

I find less light with in each day

And soon there will be none,

So why do I fight if from it nothing comes.


In times of want and worry

What keeps me standing strong?

What holds me still unwavering?

Why do I continue on?

I trust that there are answers,

Undiscovered still perhaps,

Answers to these questions of which we are unsure.


I trust that there will come hope

I hope there will come faith

And I have faith that these questions

Unanswered as they are

Have reason for their being

Give reason to carry on.


So I’ll live another day

Give it my all and everything

I’ll fight a fight that’s worth the time

And come this time again next year

How much I will have changed

For staying still is not to live

And change is part of life.



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