Short Story “Samson – part 3/3”

“Over the next year Samson did all he could to ensure she was not forgotten. He told me that he would raise one thousand pound per year of her life and that he would donate every pound to the hospital of which had looked after his little girl so well. Samson did not let his little girl down. He did a marathon to begin, dressed as a donut (his little girl’s favourite food). Following this it was one thing after another. Dance-athon’s were danced, bake sales were held, sponsored silences were completed, dog walking marathons were walked, her childhood art work was sold and that’s only to name a few. It was yesterday that my wonderful husband, that selfless man completed his final pound. He raised every pound he had promised and donated the lot of it to the hospital anonymously. And then came this morning …

I pushed open the door slowly allowing a stream of light to enter into a room of which was otherwise submersed into darkness. The time was nearing ten and, to say the least, it was unusual that Samson was not yet out of bed. Even after fifty years of marriage I could count the amount of times that he had slept in past eight on one hand. There are only four times that I can recollect of Samson wasting a morning in bed and that is how I knew something was wrong. I went inside and lay a hand on his arm yet he did not stir. I eventually shook him a little and my worse suspicions were confirmed. Samson had lived an empty life until he became a father and when his baby died he felt empty once more. I believe that the only thing that kept him going over the last year was the determination not to let his little girl down.

Today we opened his will. The last will and testament he made. Samson left every penny that he had to the hospital. He did not leave me with nothing however. I still have pebbles. My husband loved this dog so much that I know there is a little part of Samson’s soul in pebbles. My husband Samson was the man of my dreams.” Pamela said. Janet looked on distressed. She had only dropped by to hand her neighbour some mail which had been confused in the post. She had no idea that Samson had passed, she didn’t really know him that well. Yet as she listened to her neighbour’s stories she seemed to fall in love with a man she could never meet.

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