Tanya Tales Presents”Christmas at Intu Lakeside”

Yes that’s right, Christmas has officially begun!

Last night I ventured down to the Bloggers VIP launch of Intu Lakesides Christmas village and what a treat it was. The smell of Mulled wine, the sound of Christmas songs and the sight of one Mr Santa Claus set me off in the right direction for this Christmas.

Following their wonderful Summer beach, Intu Lakeside have done it again with what can only be described as a festively brilliant Christmas village. The people of Thurrock are very lucky indeed to have been graced with this wonderful project which aims to bring their community together.

The village includes: a huge ice rink perfect for all the family; a cheeky Champagne bar offering a wide range of Christmassy drinks (both hot and cold, alcoholic and non alcoholic); a magical Christmas grotto where children can meet Santa Claus; a mini fun fair for the little (and not so little) ones looking for a little bit of fun and much more!

All things said this Christmas village is both a wonderful family friendly day out and an awesome new place for friends to get themselves into the Christmas spirit. The village is located outside of the ‘House of Fraiser’ entrance. Located a short walk away from the train station!

If you do go please do share your experiences with me!


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