Short Story “Trump-land”

This is just a short story to get in the election mood. For over a year we have been subject to hearing about the US elections – even if you aren’t American and today voting day has come. It is so important to have your say! So if you are in America and you can vote then please head down to your polling station to make sure you are getting the America that you want! This story is about what America will be like if Trump wins the election. It is based on the policies he has said he would introduce if he were to become president.

“Hello, I’m Lexi Walsh and welcome to America three  years on!” The presenter announced as the programme began. Kelly and her father were sat together on their sofa listening to the busy London traffic whirling past the flat window. it had been three years since Donald Trump had become president and three years since Lexi Walsh began her ‘years on…’ series. Once a year for the last three years UK television would be graced with the presence of TV presenter, Lexi Walsh, showing how the once wonderful US had changed. “As always we will try to cover as many of the US changes as we can in the hour given, so without further ado let us delve in!” Lexi’s enthusiastic voice chimed. She was standing before the Mexico – US wall which was still in the process of being built. It had been three years since Trump set about building his wall however it had taken nearly a year for it to be approved and another for the US to find people willing to build it.

“The US is looking more and more like a war zone everyday!” Kelly’s father, Liam, stated. He leant forward and lifted his cup of tea from the table, taking a few sips before determining it to be too hot for consumption and replacing it onto the table. He grabbed the remote preparing himself to change the channel when Kelly’s hand stopped him.

“Wait!” Kelly ordered. “I love Lexi Walsh – her style is so cute – please leave it on.” Kelly pleaded. Liam looked at her unsure. 

“Kel, I would but the big game is on.” Liam replied, dismissing his daughters pleas.

“Which one?” She asked. She didn’t believe for one second that any ‘big game’ would be starting at 7:30pm on a Monday night.  

“I don’t know Kel. I am sure there is a game on somewhere!” He replied reluctantly. Liam jumped as Kelly snatched the remote out of his hands and buried it down the side of the Sofa. Sometimes Liam wondered where Kelly had gotten her vicious streak from. Neither he or her mother had ever been violent or vicious in anyway. Yet their little girl had picked it up from somewhere.

“Coming up tonight … ” the TV beamed as Kelly turned up the show. “New York Neuc-ed, Seattle shoot off, boarder bonanza and more…” Kelly cosied into the corner of the Sofa, grabbing a blanket from the basket under the table and throwing it over herself. Liam looked at Kelly. ‘Sure the world has bad influences’ Liam thought, ‘But she is still my little girl’.

“Daaaaad …” Kelly whined. “Can you get me a drink?” She asked sweetly.

“Alright munchkin.” Liam said, squeezing his daughters knee and made him was into a kitchen.

“And a drink … Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee” Kelly shouted, stretching her legs out across the sofa. Liam rolled his eyes and opened the fridge, pulling out a reduced size Toberone from the fridge and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream.

“Eat sparingly, that stuff is so expensive!” Liam said, passing his daughter the ice-cream and lifting her legs out of his space in the sofa.

“What did I miss?” Liam asked mockingly.

“New York did some stuff and Trump got mad and started fingering the big red button.” Kelly replied. “Then he blamed the boss of Durha and co, because he was Muslim and now the Muslim population of New York has decreased by like 12% because Muslims are being terrorised into leaving. Oh and Trump was so happy. He was refusing to let them into some states and then they were trying to get out of another. It’s chaos!” Kelly declared as she stuffed another spoonful of Ben and Jerry’s into her mouth.

“That’s New York?” Liam asked confusedly.

“No, that’s Seattle. They’re starting a segment of the Seattle shoot -off. The one earlier this year.” Kelly said distractedly.

“I am now speaking with Alex Stafford. Alex was at the Seattle shooting last May!” Lexi said, flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder and turning dramatically to the nervous looking teen stood besides her.

“That was awful wasn’t it?” Liam said distractedly.

“Yeah. It’s Trumps fault.” Kelly said, pausing the TV and photographing the screen, annotating parts of Lexi’s outfit.

“And what does my 12 year old daughter know about Trump?” Liam asked, intrigued.

“He has embraced the amending-thingy in their what’s-it so now like everyone has a gun which means when that man broke into the supermarket waving a gun about, everyone had one. It was like a standoff you see in old cowboy films. They were there for like ages and then the man shot a woman and then a lot of people shot him and then started shooting each other.” She said. “That and he is a perv.” She added.

Liam almost choked on his tea as he heard the words of his daughter. He looked at her confused as he prompted her to elaborate.

“Well his girlfriend is like 12. Is that even legal? and then there are all those alleged rapes. Apparently because he is president he can do what ever he wants. and he touches girls bums whenever he wants.” Kelly said sharply. “He wants to make more jobs so he hires the girls to spend time with him, that’s what Mrs Goolesk says.” Kelly added.

Liam looked at his corrupt little girl uncomfortably. ‘She is twelve’ he thought ‘she shouldn’t know about perverts and prostitutes and amending-thingy’s …’ he continued.

“How about a film?” Liam said, desperately trying to distract himself from the reality of having Trump as the US president.

I hope you enjoyed that … I know it is only touching on a few of Trump’s more outrageous policies but it was not meant to be an informant article but more so a story to get you into the election spirit as I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about it over the next few days …


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