Tanya Tales presents “Writing Motivation”

In a perfect world we would all be motivated all the time, whether it be motivated to shift those last couple of pounds or be it the motivation to revise for that test which is just around the corner. The reality of the situation however is this world isn’t perfect. There are times when you know there is something that you have to do but you can’t tear yourself away from YouTube for long enough to do it, there are times where you will decide that before you can do that piece of work you just need to tidy the entire house and other times you will find yourself sitting next to the cross trainer staring at it waiting for the motivation to come to you. There is no denying that we all find ourselves in these situations from time to time and the question we have all asked is: how can I get motivated?

For me these times tend to come when I put myself in front of a computer with the intention to write. I will sit myself down, open up a word document and watch the curser flash on and off of the screen taunting my empty brain and so I decide that I will “come back to it later.” I get up and go and do other things until I find myself running out of distractions (it is then that the real issue arises.) I find myself wandering back over to the computer looking at that word document and realising that the story, essay and blog post haven’t written themselves and so I give myself some more time. “Maybe I’ll make dinner.” I think before walking away from the computer once more and not coming back to it until it is too late. But lately I have learnt the secret to motivation …

Just do it. 3 simple words which are so much easier to say than do. I’ll admit that this advice isn’t at all original but it is effective. The best way for you to become motivated is to begin doing the task you have been delaying because once you start you might as well finish and that is where you will find motivation.

No more going onto Pintrest and looking up “motivational quotes” no more googling “How to become motivated” no more going on walks to clear your mind and to ready yourself for the task at hand. In reality there is only one thing which is going to get it done and that is doing it. Especially when it comes to writing. Those who only write when they’re motivated will never get a book finished for motivation is limited and if you stop as soon as that well runs dry it could take years for you to finish a story. Sometimes it is hard but when you struggle you are improving, you are learning and you are bettering yourself. I understand that sometimes it can be hard or at times feel impossible but I can assure you there is no better feeling that completing an ‘impossible’ task. I am not the first to give this advice and I am sure I will not be the last, but what I am is the person who is telling you right now that the best way to get it done is to do it.


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