Tanya Tales presents “Book Club”

Happy November! Pinch, punch, first day of the month …

So it is finally November and how quickly this year has gone by! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was picking out my summer read and jetting off to Portugal! But now the leaves have turned and there is an autumnal crunch beneath my feet and I must say I adore this weather! That moment when I move the jackets aside can go coat-crazy! The chance to cosy up under a blanket and read a book, or two, or three … And on that note …

I am well aware that most people go for BOOKTOBER but where’s the harm in another month of binge reading on repeat? So here is how it is going to go down: At the end of this blog I will leave my ‘reading list’ (a list of my chosen reads stating the  books I will be reading in the order of which I will be reading them) and today I will set to work on reading book number 1. Each Tuesday, at the end of each read, I’ll do a kind of ‘book review’ giving my opinion on the book! Following that I will leave a reminder of what book is up next and will write a short paragraph outlining my expectations of that book.

You too can get involved on this month long binge read!
1) You can read the books alongside me
2) You can comment on the book review telling me if you agree/disagree or what you liked/disliked about the books
3) You can email me at tanyatales@outlook.com and send me in your review of the book to have it published on the blog.
4) You can recommend books you think will be good alternatives to the book list I have chosen.

I am aware that not everyone likes every book, it just isn’t how reading works. So to combat this issue I am branching out slightly further than I usually would. I am not going to sit around reading Jane Green books for the next month (as lush as that does sound) and instead I am going to adventure into some different genre’s and authors, reading things I would never usually read. I will try to cover as many bases as I can in this and hopefully it will allow you to find a book you love or even better yet, a genre you can dive into … who knows this BOOKVEMBER could be the beginning of your love for reading!

Reading List:
1) “It’s called a break-up because it’s broken”
– by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotula-Behrendt (Nonfiction, Self-help, Relationships, Chick-lit, Comedy)
01/11/2016 – 08/11/2016

2)  “Wuthering Heights”

– by Emily Bronte (Gothic fiction, Romance, Classic)

08/11/2016 – 15/11/2016

3) “The Mortal Instruments: City of bones”
– by Cassandra Claire (Adventure, Fantasy, Young adult fiction, Children’s literature, Speculative fiction)
15/11/2016 – 22/11/2016

4) “a streetcar named desire”

-Tennessee Williams (realism)

22/11/2016 – 29/11/2016

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