Short Story “Truckey”

“Knock, Knock, Knock” 3 knocks sounded on the door. The hollow echo bouncing off of each wall until the sound of the knocking filled the whole house. It had gone nightfall and the electricity of the house had gone out. There was not a light illuminating even an inch of the house and there was not a heater warming it either. It would have been silent if not for the external screams intruding in through the houses defences. The time had come and Leah knew this, she took a deep breath and stretched her dark hand along the cold wall. She followed the winding stairs down until she finally reached the bottom. To one side was a long stretch of hallway leading down to the door of which the knocks came from and to the other was the kitchen. “The backdoor” Leah thought. Through the kitchen laid a backdoor, Leah’s secret escape. Leah crept, her breath baited and her eyes peeled open for she feared that so much as a blink could be loud enough to reveal her whereabouts. Moments of on edge creeping passed before Leah finally reached the door. She outreached her arm and wrapped her hand around the door handle, her dainty hand trembling ferociously as she gripped the copper handle and pushed down. The door slowly but surely blew open until there was finally a large enough gap for Leah to slide out, allowing her to escape into the black ally way. Leah trod out, proud of her stealth like escape but still fully aware of her missions incomplete nature. Leah took another breath, never before had she wanted to achieve something so much. Another step was taken, Leah felt the sharp stones on the souls of her feet and the gravelly dirt worming in-between her toes. Leah knew that she hadn’t the time to put on sandals let alone shoes. Anyway, Leah knew that if she had put on shoes her footsteps would have been made heavier and her position would have been given away immediately. Five more steps and Leah would have been at the back gate and ready to face her final challenge. Leah knew that once she reached the back gate she only had one more chance. “How ironic would it be,” Leah thought “If I were to have gotten all this way, just to be caught now.” Her thoughts having been clearly expressed across her face. “It’s not unheard-of, our god playing this jokes and pranks upon us, mankind, and his puppets on a string.” Leah stopped to weigh up her options before concluding that she only had one, to run. Leah braced herself, swung open the gate and ran. All off a sudden Leah let off an almighty screech, high pitched and deafening as if a spear had pierced her skin and rammed her right through. Leah’s body leapt into the air, launching herself towards her front door and towards where the knocking had come from. Leah’s hands flinching up in front of her before everything stopped. For a moment it were as if everything stood still.

“What is wrong with you?” Amber, one of the girls stood on Leah’s doorstep, asked. Her face half filled with bemusement and the other half shock and embarrassment. Leah looked up, tears of laughter had filled her eyes and a gripping feel of amusement ripe in her stomach.

“Happy Halloween!” Leah laughed. Her devil horns falling off of her head as she threw herself about in hysterics. There was not a soul in sight who had not stopped to see what was happening. Children in bee costumes and dressed as fairies and pirates awaiting a kind soul to dish out sweets and chocolates into little pumpkin shaped baskets looked upon the girls as if they were insane.

“Seriously not funny” Concluded Zara, the other girl on the door step, whose bunny ears had fallen lopsided as a result of Leah’s screech. There was a moment of calm as the girls settled back into the skin they had jumped out of. “So are we going or not?” Zara asked, tapping her foot impatiently as she awaited her friend’s agreement. All Zara had been speaking about for days was this Halloween party, the biggest part of the year and the fact that they had been invited. She had spent weeks finding the perfect costume. It had to be sexy but not slutty, pretty but not preppy but most importantly it had to impress Darren. For years Zara had been crushing on Darren but he had always been far too cool and far too popular to so much as notice Zara but since her boobs came in and her confidence sky rocketed Zara was sure that this was her year.

“Sure, let’s get this over with.” Amber said. Amber was not a party person, let alone when that party involved costumes. She had dreaded going to this party ever since Zara had first mentioned it however she could see how much it clearly meant to Zara and so had reluctantly agreed. However she wasn’t coming around on the whole costume thing. Zara had taken her costume shopping at least five times since they heard about the party, starting before they had even been invited, and it wasn’t until the final time that Amber had found something she was willing to wear. It was a black top with the Word “Costume” written in a bold white font across the front of it. It was perfect, Zara was happy because Amber wasn’t going to embarrass her by being the only one not in a costume and Amber was happy because she could go in a t-shirt and jeans and Zara wouldn’t bother her.

“At least pretend to be happy.” Zara began. “All I am asking of you is to enjoy yourself at a party for one night, you don’t even have to enjoy yourself you just need to fake it, you know like that time that you …”

Leah drew a smile onto her face as she nodded along complacently to Zara’s rant. Leah must have heard Zara’s well-rehearsed plea one thousand times before and every time she heard it she found herself doing the same things. First she would plant a smile on her face, second she would begin to nod, thirdly she would stop listening and finally she would tune out all together and wait for the end. Leah’s eyes glazed over as she entered into faze four of the plan, allowing herself to be completely free from the words of nonsense Zara was spewing. However as Leah conducted stage four she caught sight of something strange. Across the road, pulled up on the curb under the streetlight sat a black monster truck with headlights on full beam. The truck sat still as its headlights beamed and its exhaust pipe smoked. The tinted windows stopped Leah’s curiosity from glancing inside yet the engines growl seemed to be somewhat entrancing.

“… So please just don’t embarrass me!” Zara concluded. Leah had heard this rant enough times to be trained to tune back into the conversation as she heard these words escape Zara’s mouth and as they did it was in unison that Leah and Amber agreed not to. “Well then what are we waiting for?” Zara said, spinning around and waggling her bunny tail as she walked away. Leah looked and Amber and Amber back at Leah as they exchanged a grin and a quick giggle over the inside jokes surrounding Zara’s rants.

“What are you laughing at?” Zara snapped, spinning around and glaring suspiciously at her friends.

“Nothing.” Leah quickly reassures. “Have you guys seen that truck across the road?” Leah asked in an attempt to change the subject.

“No” Zara said, “But we haven’t got time to stop and look at it, I need to be there at 8:22 dead on or else my entire entrance will be ruined.” She said, picking up the pace and marching away.


Half an hour had passed and it was fair to say the girls had gotten themselves into a mess. Zara had said left when she had meant to say right and Amber had claimed to know a short cut through an ally way when in fact she had just wanted to take the opportunity to give Leah a fright. The weather was getting colder and the trick and treaters were beginning to retreat home leaving the lost girls with an increasing amount of fear filling their bare stomachs.

“Leah admit it, we’re lost!” Zara said frustrated. Amber suddenly shot a look at Leah, warning her not to dare confess.

“No.” Amber jumped in, following a moment of hesitation on Leah’s behalf. “It’s just around that corner.” She continued. Angrily, Zara huffed as she worried herself with thoughts of missing her opportunity for her grand entrance and the chance to impress Darren. She looked unto Amber with a little concern but after a moment Zara visibly appeared to choose to believe Ambers directions and so trotted off around the corner.

“You don’t have a clue where we are do you?” Leah asked anxiously.

“Not a clue but we aren’t going to tell Zara that. Seriously Leah don’t tell her because there is only one thing worse than being lost in an ally way on Halloween and that’s being lost in an ally way on Halloween with a stressed out Zara.” Amber whispered. Leah looked on at the matrix of ally’s with a concerned look in her eyes. Leah was not a fool, she knew that if she were to wonder off from the pack and venture out alone, the only ending she should expect is certain death for it was the rules of a horror movie that the first to wonder off would be the first to get the axe. However Leah also knew that staying inside the labyrinth of poorly lit pathways, with or without the group, wasn’t going to lead to much good either. She took a moment before deciding that being in a horror movie was the better choice than dying before the movie even reaches its climax.

“Alright, but we stick together and if we are still wondering around hopelessly in five minutes then I’m calling someone for help!” Leah compromised, tilting her head to the side awaiting Amber’s agreement. Amber stared at Leah for a moment with a slight smile stretching across her face. This was the Halloween Amber had always wanted, mystery and horror with a side dish of dark and twisted roads but she knew that eventually her fun would have to come to an end. Amber took a deep breath before reluctantly nodding.

“Fine five more minutes but hey try and enjoy this, think of it as a horror movie!” Amber said grabbing her friend by the hand and following in Zara’s footsteps and heading towards the left turn just up ahead.

“Actually, I am trying not to think of this as a horror!” Leah spluttered.

“Guys!” Screamed Zara. Leah’s head jerked up as the sound of her friends screech panicked and alarmed her. Pulling her hand free from Ambers grip Leah began to sprint, quicker than she had ever ran before, her fear of the darkness banishing under the new blanket of fear which the possibility of her friend being in trouble brought. Leah smashed into the fence, catching her arm on a nail as she took the left turn and prepared to see what Zara’s scream was about.

“Zara? Are you alright? What’s going on? ZARA!” Leah’s panicked voice panted.

“Yeah, I’m fine I just found the exit. Are you alright?” Zara asked concerned.

“Leah you’re bleeding!” Amber announced as she gestured to the gash on Leah’s arm. Leah’s vision went fuzzy as her eyes glazed over and her ears filled with a pounding as the blood rushed to her ears in a frenzy. Amber and Zara continued to fuss over Leah’s arm, tugging at bits of their costumes looking for something to tie around the wound. Leah looked up, almost looking through Zara who was waving a hand in front of Leah’s eyes as she failed to check if Leah was responsive. It must have been in the time frame of a blink that the end of the Ally went from visible and clearly lit to dull and shaded by the shadow of the monster truck, the same truck as Leah had seen earlier.

“There!” Leah shouted, startling her already concerned friends, “It’s that truck again, the one from earlier. I think it’s following us!” Leah said, pushing her way between Amber and Zara and heading towards the truck. Leah kept walking, careful not to take her eye off of the truck. She got closer and closer, squinting her eyes as she tried to peer inside the blacked out windows. Leah was but a matter of steps away when out of nowhere the engine revved and the truck drove off down the road.

“Leah, they’re probably just some pranksters!” Amber comforted, looking unto her friend with some concern.

“Or they’re lost!” Zara added.

“Like us.” Leah muttered distantly. Amber shot a look of frustration at Leah as she panicked over how Zara would react to the news that no-one had any clue as to where they were. However Leah seemed not to notice the look of irritation being shot at her from her friend for she seemed too distracted watching the truck drive off down the road.

“Lost?” Zara said, snapping Leah back into reality. The sound of Zara’s confused voice suddenly alerted Leah to the secret she had just muttered and she looked to Amber apologetically. “We’re not lost!” Zara continued.

“We are Zara, I lied I don’t know where we are!” Amber finally admitted.

“I do.” Zara continued. “I mean I do now, this is Darren’s road. I can practically feel the vibrations from the music. This party is going to be epic!” Zara announced as the group began to follow the noise towards the party.

“Come on Leah, let’s get you to the party and we can hope someone is dressed as a mummy and is willing to lend us some bandages!” Amber mocked, linking Leah’s bloody arm and marching with her down the road.


“Cool wound! It almost looks real!” Someone said as the girls walked up the overcrowded drive way. Leah looked at them confused before realising that her arm was still bleeding. The blood had begun to run down her arm and dry into place and the fresh blood seemed only to be following in the dry bloods tracks. Leah looked down, suddenly aware of how bad the wound was and seemed to have a newly found urgency in finding a medical kit. “Can I touch it?” Someone else asked, stretching out an arm which seemed to be covered in vodka or something of the same description.

“Piss off looser!” Amber said, smacking an arm out of her way and trying to guide Leah into the bathroom in search of a medical kit. However, just as the girls reached the front door Zara came to an immediate halt. “Zara what are you doing?” Amber asked before looking up. Although, as she did glance up everything seemed to make all the more sense, there in the doorway stood the one and only Darren. Zara stood grinning like a puppy (or should I say bunny) with her tongue hanging out and her hands suddenly twirling her hair like a child. “Not now!” Amber muttered, to which Zara responded with a quick sharp jab in the ribs, gesturing for Amber to shut up and ‘be cool.’

“Hey Darren!” Zara giggled. As Zara began to speak a strange sense washed over Leah, the sense that she was being watched. She glanced over one shoulder to see nothing but a car free road with streaking teens flashing the world and paralytic teens vomiting into gutters. Leah took a breath as she tried to calm herself down, convincing herself that her seeing of the same truck twice was nothing more than a coincidence. But then Leah looked over the other shoulder and surely enough, at the end of the road sat a Monster truck, headlights beaming, engine running, exhaust smoking. Leah blinked, convinced that her injured state was causing her some form of hallucinations however no matter how many times the girl blinked she found herself still staring at a monster truck. An overwhelming panic flooded into Leah telling her to run and with that she trusted her instincts, grabbed ambers arm, pushed past Darren and Zara and fled into the bathroom.


A few hours had passed the girls by and the party was drawing to an end. It had been a long time since last Leah had spied the monster truck, despite her checking out of the window every ten minutes just in case. “It was probably just some pranksters.” She reassured herself every time she felt at all worried. She had also tended to her arm with the first aid box Amber had found her in the cupboard. It had taken a while but Leah was beginning to feel at peace, convincing herself that the loss of blood was causing her to go slightly loopy. Leah had been sat in the corner on a sofa for the last hour, following being abandoned by her friends. Darren had finally noticed Zara and as great as that was for Zara, it left Leah third wheeling as the pair got up close and personal next to her on the sofa. As for Amber, she had found a guy who had also been dragged along against his will, the only guy at the party who didn’t feel obliged to wear any form of costume.

Leah looked down to see her phone light up and begin to ring in her lap, quickly she grabbed her phone and shuffled into the bathroom.

“Hello?” She answered. There was no reply, just silence at the other end of the line. “Hello?” Leah asked again, there was no one there. “Very funny, happy Halloween to you too. I am hanging up now!” Leah warned. However as she said this the strangest thing occurred. At the other end of her phone revved a car, the engine’s noise mimicking that of the Monster Truck from earlier in the night. Leah’s eyes filled with tears as she began to shake with fear.

Pulling her phone away from her ear Leah hung up with urgency. She looked up into the bathroom mirror to see a great horror, her mascara had run. Wiping dry her tears she prepared herself to re-enter the party with the philosophy that there was safety in numbers. However as she turned the lock on the door her phone rang again. Leah slid it open and held the phone up to her ear anxiously. “Hello?” She said, her voice shaking.

“Leah, where the hell are you!” Her mums voice shouted down the phone.

“Mum?” Leah asked.

“Yes it’s your mum who else would it be? Where are you Leah, your curfew was midnight and I thought that was me being generous – you are pushing your luck here girly. Where are you I am coming to get you.” Her mum insisted.

“Darren’s house, he is having a party … I did tell you.” Leah insisted.

“I will be there in ten minutes Leah, you better be ready and waiting outside. Why couldn’t I get a hold of you?” She asked.

“You called me?” Leah asked, her voice reverting to sound like that of a child.

“You know I did Leah, you answered the phone. Don’t tell me you are drunk!” Leah’s mum obliviously asked.

“No, I’ll be outside in ten.” Leah confirmed and with that the line went dead.

“Amber, my mums picking me up if you want a lift?” Leah offered.

“It’s cool Kirk and I are going to go watch a late night screening of Saw 4!” She announced.

“Alright, see you Monday?” Leah said.

“Sure.” Amber dismissed as she turned and continued her conversation with Kirk. Leah spun around to look for Zara however she needed not to look very far for within a matter of seconds Zara had run into her, literally.

“Leah, babe I need a favour. Darren has asked if I wanted to stay here tonight and we both know my mum would say no so just tell her I am staying with you tonight alright, thanks!” She said, grabbing Darren’s hand and rushing up the stairs.

“I guess its just me then.” Leah muttered to herself, grabbing her bag and making her way out of the door. Ten minutes went by and Leah was stood on the drive way anxiously awaiting her mothers arrival. Wow was Leah ready for this night to be over. She couldn’t wait to get home and give her mum a hug and tell her older sister Gabby about all the crazy things she had gotten up to. Fifteen minutes passed and Leah began to wonder if she had gotten something wrong. Leah shook her head and checked her phone for any messages and surely enough there was one. A single message unread from her mum telling her that she was waiting at the end of the road. Leah shook her head, grateful that it was over and so Leah began to walk up the road. A few step in and the feeling of dread washed over the girl once more. It didn’t take long for her hands to begin to shake out of fear and her saunter down the road to turn into what could be considered a sprint. A young teen in the dark all alone, it sounded like a tag line to one of the horror movies Amber would bang on about. And it was just like one of those horror movies, the way that her heart pounded and her mind began to play tricks on her as it convinced her that she could hear the engine revving once more. All off a sudden Leah saw it, her mums car pulled up on the curb, her irritated mother sat in the front seat with her pyjamas on and her hair in curlers.

“Mum, I am so sorry!” Leah announced as she sat in the car, locking the door behind her.

“What were you thinking Leah? I was worried sick!” She explained as she pulled off and began to drive Leah home. Leah had never been so thankful to hear one of her mothers rants ever before. She sat listening, accepting every word feeling so glad that her Halloween horror was over.

All off a sudden out of nowhere a monster truck appeared at the cross roads, revving its engine and blaring its headlights, blinding Leah’s mother leaving her unable to see the road. She swerved left then right as she tried to balance out the direction of the car yet the brightness had left her practically blinded, unable to see the Monster truck which had no intention to stop. which knew what it was doing when it drove straight into   Leah’s mums car and continuing on until the car had done summersault after summersault, smashing every window and breaking every bone in both Leah and her mothers body.


Happy Halloween everyone, I hope its completely spooktacualr for you!!

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